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Earlypg cramps is hotwater bottle ok?

Have very uncomfortable af type cramps heavy dull pain the past three weeks and the hotwater bottle eases it a bit was just wondering is this ok to use it won't be too hot in there for my little tadpole!


  • hi

    i am 20weeks pregnant and still getting period cramps! consultant said to take paracetemol, warm baths and hot water bottles. xx
  • Hi

    HWB and wheat bags are ok BUT you must be careful with the temperature!

    The baby can't regulate his/her own temperature especially when still so small so you need to be careful about hot baths and showers and heat packs. This iver-heating has also been linked to increase in the chances of spina bifida too.

    Just test the heat pack on your skin before leaving it on your tum. You should aim for warm rather than hot and scolding your skin.image

    Hope it works! These cramps are all a sign of things growing in there x
  • Oh no angel really I was hoping the would be gone soon they make it very had to carry on normal especially when know one knows! Thanks tulip I will take paracetamol right now! I agree I like knowing that things are moving growing but I think we have to through enough pain at the end we shouldn't have to deal with this too! Make the most of it though the men don't have a clue just milk them for what there worth!!!image
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