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Did you do anything differently the month you got your BFP?

Just out of interest ladies, did you do anything different in the month you got your BFP?

The only thing I can pinpoint is that I was having relaxation/ hypnotherapy sessions that I had purchased on Groupon! x

PS: I was already tee-total and had lost 2 stone (still high BMI of 36 though)



  • It was only my 2nd month TTC but it was the month that we used concieve plus (lubricant- exactly the same as pre-seed). I was also tee-total as i have an alcohol intolerance (boooo lol)... I still can't believe it!!! x x

  • We also used concieve plus the month we fell and I went onto a low G.I diet as I have pcos and I was taking agnus castus.  11 + 3 now and still can't quite believe it image X

  • That reminds me- we were using Conceive Plus too! It was probably our fourth month using it but in previous months we missed ov completely due to erratic cycles! image xx
  • I used Clear Blue ovulation tests and got pregnant straight away image

  • It was in 5th month after coming off the pill - and we'd stopped thinking about it! Planned to have a relaxing xmas letting our hair down then start health kick in new year - got BFP on new year's eve!

  • We used clear blue ovulation tests (used them every month from month 3 of TTC anyway). In the month we concieved, we also did SMEP (google it!) and used pre seed.

    After 8 months of trying, all the above seemed to work and we hit the jackpot!

  • I had reflexology to ;relax' the month we got BFP. I think that was it x

  • I started using pregnacare, switched from conceive plus to preseed and ate pineapple core over 5-12dpo! Not sure which of them did the trick but it was our 16th month of trying so I'm sure at least one change played a part!xx
  • i started using pregnacare conception and also started using cheap ebay ov sticks and made sure we dtd on the two days i got positives x found out i was ovulating a couple days later than average and that sore boobs bloatedness unfeeling moody were ovulation symptoms (ie dtd even though my body had other ideas!)
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