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Do you take paracetamol when pregnant?

When I was pregnant with W I didn't take anything and had quite a few bad migraines. I always said that I didn't want to take any medication as didn't want to risk anything happening to the baby as I would never forgive myself. 

for this pregnancy I've been determined to do everything the same, so no caffeine, no alcohol, no medication Etc

I've been getting headaches lately that last 24-48 hours and i keep wondering about giving in and taking some paracetamol. I really don't want to as I hate the thought of anything no matter how mild , but I'm just wondering if I'm being daft and over cautious- do many of you take paracetamol? Am I suffering unnecessarily or do most people do the same as me and not take anything? 


  • I did a few times...didn't overuse it, usually half the recommended dose just to take the edge off.

  • I suffered from terrible headaches in the second trimester similar to what you have described. I tried to avoid paracetamol as much as I could but there were times where I had to eventually give in and *touch wood* no harm has been done. My midwife was quite adamant that I should not suffer unnecessarily and encouraged me to take the tablets if I needed to. Have you tried the forehead rub for headaches, they may be worth a go first?

  • Er, yes.  It is fine to take it in pregnancy, can't imagine why I would suffer unnecessarily.  Mind you this time I have also had morphine and whatever else they offered me when I was in hospital as I was in so much pain.

  • Yes I did not very often but definitely if I had a bad headache.

  • Yes, because it's safe to take during pregnancy. I wouldn't pop pills of it for the sake of it, but then i wouldn't at any time! Why suffer when you don't have to?

  • Yes, if I'm in pain I take pain killers rather than sit in pain tbh

  • Yes I took it when I had bad headaches lasting 2 or 3 days in the second tri and then again in the final two weeks when my back ache was so bad I could barely walk.

  • I took paracetemol at night for SPD, the way I look at it the stress I put myself under not wanting to take painkillers probably did more harm than taking it :)

  • Yes but I've tended to take just one rather than the 2 tablets though

  • Ferbs- I forgot about that forehead rub, I will get some of that tomorrow and give it a go.

    And if it doesn't work I think I will give the paracetamol a go, I don't feel as guilty knowing quite a few of you take it.

    I know it's silly to not do as my midwife told me last week it's fine to have it when I told her about having sciatica but I've been trying to put it off as I was so strict last time and I feel guilty if I'm treating this pregnancy differently

  • I tried to hold out and not take it, but did in the end for headaches.

    Next time around I wouldn't even hesitate to take it though!

  • Yes, I've taken it maybe 5 or 6 times so far, usually for headaches. I don't think I took it before 12 weeks though. I can highly recommend 4head stick if you're not using it already.

  • I've taken it two or three times a day over the last few days due to extreme pain from my appendix scar. In previous pregnancies, I was prescribed co-codamol and then codeine for the same problem with no adverse effects so I consider a few paracetamol to be pretty light! It's considered safe in pregnancy so I wouldn't think twice about taking it if needed.

  • Regularly took paracetamol on Dr recommendation due to crippling SPD

    As for alcohol, caffeine etc. followed NHS guidelines and had both in moderation.

  • Yes despite having suffered many miscarriages I've taken several different prescribed medications in this pregnancy on the advice of doctors. I personally think suffering in pain can't be good for stress levels or baby so more than happy to take a medication that's absolutely safe.

  • Suffering pain increases your blood pressure and heart rate so I'd rather take the paracetamol tbh

  • I didn't in my first pregnancy, like you it felt wrong. But I did at the end in my second pregnancy and pretty much all the way through with my third due to SPD. I also had to take co-codemol and codeine for the last couple of weeks with no.2 as my spd was crippling.

    Don't suffer, paracetamol is absolutely safe, and in all likelyhood in a few months you'll be offering it to your little one post-jabs.

    Re the headaches, are you drinking enough water? Its thirsty work growing a baby. {hug]

  • Yes I did, I'd rather not be in pain and it's safe to take.

  • Well I've tried the 4head stick and it helped for a few mins and that was it. Spent the evening coating my head and back of the neck in the stuff! I'm off to bed and if I've still got a headache in the morning I'll take the paracetamol.

    giddy- I'm probably not having enough water. I have been making a conscious effort in the last week to drink more but probably still don't have enough.

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