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12 week scan pictures!

Hey ladies! So I've recently found out I'm expecting! I'm only just 8 weeks but already so excited for our first scan! I just wondered if anyone could tell me exactly what will happen, and also share your scan pictures! 

Thanks image 


  • Congratulations!

    I am 15 weeks today so one the count down for the 20 week. In terms of the 12 week, you go in and they will do the external tummy scan. Make sure that your bladder is not empty but not too full. Mine was too full and I had to empty it and then it was too empty so I had to go out walk around, drink some water and come back.

    They will basically check that there is a heartbeat and the baby is measuring the right size for how far along you think you are. I was what I thought was 11+6 when I went but they moved my dates back by 5 days as the baby was a bit smaller. They will also check that anotomically there is everything there should be.

    If the baby is over 45mm long then they will do the Nuchal screening for Downs Syndrome which is a neck measurement followed by a blood test. It is not standard at every hospital to do this at the same time, I had mine at the same time, but some other ladies in my birth club had a separate one.

    Then you get your amazing pictures and you can tell the world!

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