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weight gain?

Hi Ladies
You would think that with this being my 3rd pregnancy I would know everything by now wouldnt you?!
But I was wondering whats the average weight gain in pregnancy? I saw my consultant on Thursday and since being weighed at my booking in appointment I have gained 8lb and I'm 33+2. I cant remember how much I'd gained at this point in with my other two. Do you think thats about right?
What have you gained so far (if thats not too cheeky!)?


  • Hi - 8lbs sounds very little to me, for 33 wks. I am 31 wks and have gained 10kg (22lbs). Someone put up a chart (look through old posts) for weight gain so you can get a better picture from that.
  • Hi, the ideal is about 1 and a 1/2 to 2 stone I think, but some women can gain up to 4 stone!! It does depend on your weight before pregnancy as to how much is ideal for you. I'm 38+5 and have put on just over 2 stone.
    Ames x
  • Hi hun from from my booking in to now i have only put on 2lbs and im 37+2!!! babys dad walked out on us when i was 6 months so cudnt face food for a while so lost alot but my midwife said it was fine as baby growing normally and i had it too loose ne way (i was a size 16 pre preg and can still get in my old jeansimage
  • I am 26 weeks tomorrow and have gained 1stone 5 pound.


  • I have gained 2 stone and am 35+2 - everyone is different and they do say it depends on your weight before you got pregnant x
  • I am 35 + 3 and when i last weight myself id gained 1stone 7lb, altho been too scared to weigh myself since!! That was about 3 weeks ago xx
  • I am 35 + 3 and when i last weight myself id gained 1stone 7lb, altho been too scared to weigh myself since!! That was about 3 weeks ago xx
  • I am 27 weeks today and last time i checked i had put on 2.5 stone alreay. lol


    As long as you are eating enough and your baby is getting all the vitamins and nutrients it needs 8Ib or 2.5 stone - it doesnt matter xx

  • with my first lo i only put on 1 stone. i'm 16 + 6 now with my second pregnancy and havent put on any weight yet and im carrying twins which surprised me when i weighed my self i have actually lost weight probably all the morning sickness
    probably put more weight on soon tho.
    i think as long as your eating and drinking healthily then you'l should be fine the weights given by midwives and gp's are just averages.


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  • I was a size 14 anyway so not underweight. They certainly arent concerned about baby's size, if anything their worried about how big she will be! It must just be all baby the weight I've gained which is a good thing.
    I think it has alot to do with my lifestyle, I walk 4 miles a day because Abby's school is a mile from our house and I dont drive so I'm walking there and back twice a day, plus running around after my 9 month old.
    I certainly havent been conciously calorie counting anyway, my craving is sherbert!
    Thanks for your replies ladies, its good to know that we all gain differently.
  • Hi my lovely, I have been using this chart

    BUT it is only a guide

    Good luck, as long as you know you are healthy and MW are happy then I dont see why it is a problem xx
  • Reading other people's weight gains has illustrated how true everyone gains differently, I'm 18 wks and the last time i weighed myself which was a couple of wks ago (don't want to get too paranoid about it) i figured i'd gained about a stone or so! Before i became pregnant i used to do slimming world and had lost 2 1/2 st over a while and had kept it off for ages, gained some over xmas then hey found i was pregnant so i have not gone mad but eaten yummy stuff i've not eaten for long time but i really don't want to gain too much he he!!
  • I have put on about a stone so far im 33+2 i was under 8 stone and my bmi was 17 before i was preg so needed to put on more but havent. If you are eating normally and baby is growing well then i think that is fine i havent gained any weight in the last 4 weeks!!! with my first i gained just over 21/2 stone overall and i was a lot bigger than this time, I put weight on all over whereas this time its just my bump (which isnt very big) i too have to walk alot and run after a lo so im not worried if i havent put on 'enough' at this point as baby is growing fine!!!
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