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When should I have early scan to see heartbeat?

Hi girls, I am 5wks 3days and as I had a MMC last Oct I am going to ask my MW for an early scan. When is the best time to go to be sure of seeing a heartbeat - don't want to go to early but desperate to go asap to put my mind at ease. I was thinking about 7 wks?? :\(
Thanks Camlo x


  • Hi Camlo

    I think it depends on your hospital from what I've read on here. I had an early scan at 5+2 as I had been bleeding and cramping after a previous m/c last year. There is another lady on here however who can't be scanned until 7 weeks. If you have an Early Pregnancy Unit, I'd phone them and ask them. Of note, they couldn't see heartbeat at that stage, just identified 'normal' looking sac and yolk. H/b was detected at over 6 weeks via internal scan.

    Good luck!xx
  • Hey Camlo.
    I need to find that out too.
    Before my son I had an mmc (Went for first scan and no heartbeat) so I really don't want to risk that again. The sooneer I get it over with the better because I'm just sat worrying now :cry:
    Good to see you on here hun.x
  • i had 1 at 11 wks xxxx
  • Aw congrats Camlo, that's such good news :\)

    I had an internal scan at around 8 weeks and the heartbeat was visible then, could see the tiny baby it already had little stumps where arms and legs would be but it still had a yolk in the sac like a bird!

    I think if you go earlier they can tell if there's something there but might not always see the heart beating. If you tell them what happened they might suggest you go for a scan at about 6 weeks and another one about 9 weeks.

    Take care hun. xxx

  • Hiya luv I had one at 12 weeks and 3 days x
  • I think I'm going to contact MW Monday and she can see when the early scan unit is opening over easter then hopefully between us we can arrange it for the best time. With my last son I also had a private scan (can't remember when!) to check nuchal fold and nasal bone etc which I'm going to do too as I didn't last preg and babe had died 3 weeks before us knowing.
  • i had an early scan this time and i was 10 weeks but u can have em done earlier.Think its best to w8 till 7 weeks or else it has to be an internal one before that,good luck xx
  • Hi Camlo.....

    A big massive congratulations to you chick and lots of sticky babydust heading your way...

    After everything you went through you all really deserve this...

    I had an scan at 6 weeks which showed an heartbeat, it was internal scan but I reckon you would be better waiting (I know how hard that is) until 7 weeks as if your out on your dates by a day or two the heartbeat may not have started yet and you would have a really stressful time waiting for another scan a week later...

    Good luck chick and I hope the next few weeks aren't to stressful for you (although having been where you are I know it will be tough but you'll battle on through)

  • I had a scan at 6+5 weeks and they didn't even need to do an internal as they saw the heartbeat. I'm now nearly 34 weeks! I would recommend about 7 weeks though, just in case you go at 6 weeks and worry because there's no heartbeat because it is a little too early xxx
  • hi i had scan at 6wks and saw heartbeat and didnt need internal but if you can wait til 7 wks and they should be able to know for sure just incase its too early and you have to wait another few wks.

    fingers crossed for you, i had mmc last april and know how it feels to want to see heartbeat as soon as you can.

  • Right - I am only 6 weeks on Wed (and know I OV late) so def going to wait until after easter when I'll be 7 wks.
    Thanks girls for all your support - it's really hard to think positive after last time but really want this baby to complete our family xx
  • Hi i had a mmc in August which turned out to be a molar pregnancy. this time i had two early scans one at 6 weeks which didn't show anything then another at 8 weeks which showed a heartbeat so i would say leave it till 8 weeks so you know for sure. I know after a mmc the waiting is hell and everyday you hope the baby is ok and the not knowing can drive you crazy but going to early as i did just resulted in more worry. The midwife should fill you in on early scans and arrange one with the hospital for you. My advice wait till 8 weeks! Hope it helps and wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months!

  • I had an early scan at 6wks and 3days and they could see the heartbeat then. Suz x
  • Pink button.. whats a molar pregnancy?
  • Hi ladies

    Iam in my 5weeks and 1 day IVF pregnancy since last week I have pink blood and until yesterday I started real blood with cloths and I tested my urine it is still possitive. Can any one of you had experienced this stituation Iam worring


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