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braxton hicks

im 34 weeks pregnant nearly 35 and i havent had any braxton hicks!!1 is this anything to worry about??? i keep worrying about it and not sure whether i should be getting them


  • hi there dont worry not all women get braxton hicks some just go straight into having the real braxton hicks came when i was about 38 weeks.Good luck with your birth.
  • Consider yourself lucky. Ive had them since I was 4 mths and they are bloody painfull. My tummy tightens like a iron football, Until it de contracts I have to breath slowly and walking is painfull. Not everyone gets them and its perfectly normal.
  • i used to worry about this aswell, im nearly 37 weeks and started having braxton hicks last week. everyone used to ask me if i had any and i felt silly as i was so far along in my might get them in the last couple of weeks or just go straight into labour!
  • I'm 31 weeks with baby no.2 but I didn't realise that the old Branston Tickles shouldn't come til later in your pregnancy. I've been having them since about 22 weeks! My bump goes rock hard which is sooo uncomfortable when I'm in the car and it squeezes my bladder and makes me think I need a wee when I don't, grr! Apparently it's worse when you've been on your feet a long time and doing too much or if you've not been drinking enough. Anyone else had them that early?
  • with my last pregnancy i had them really early and what seemed like all the time!
  • With baby no 3 I had them from bout 25 weeks and from 30 wks, false labour every 3 days for 6 hrs at a time (certainly don't wish that on any of u, it's not fun at all!). This time, I felt mild tightenings at least once a week from about 10 weeks!!! Now of course, at 25 days to go, they r a regular daily occurence and I totally agree, driving and BH are def not compatible!!!!! x
  • Blimey Millie, I don't think I'd have had any hair left after false labour for that long! When I get em in the car I have to undo jeans/belt/everything! I get out of the passenger side if hubby is driving and I'll be doing myself up and it looks like we've been up to something, I've had a few funny looks! If anyone stares and I'm in a mischievous mood I'll slap his bum or give him a quick kiss and relish the look on their nosey faces, ha ha! Good luck with birth and baby xx
  • With my first only got them 1 week before i had her, and i've got 2 weeks wednesday till this one is due and i haven't had them yet, i feel a bit strange compared to you lot :lol:
  • Beleive me, I'm amazed I had any hair left myself!!! They wouldn't do anything for me coz although I was going thru all that every few days, it wasn't actually doing anything to my cervix!! All that pain for nothing!!!!! Still, he was worth it in the end - waters broke at 2am, contractions started at 3am, by 5.30am I was 5 and a half cms, was pushing at 6 am and had him at 6.07am!!!! Midwife was bit surprised when I said I was sitting on his head not long after she had told me I was 5 and a half cms!!!!!! LOL
  • Hi, im also 35 weeks and havent had any. i asked my midwife and she said not to worry as not every1 gets them. suppose we should be greatful as ive heard that there really annoying and painful. xx
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