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Slimming World in pregnancy.

Has anyone else joined or remained a member of slimming world when pregnant?

I have my first meeting tonight, I wondered what to expect in terms of changes to the diet, expectations of weight management etc. I have done SW before but not when pregnant.


  • Hi,
    I'm doing weight watchers (all beit very badly at the minute!) at least until 12 weeks to try and keep my weight in control. I am a serious choc/sweet and crisp binger and could easily put on 1-1 1/2 stone by 12 weeks so for me its healthier to remain on a diet than not! if that makes sense?!
  • im starting SW next week - not quite sure what to expect but enjoyed it before i was pregnant x
  • I know people who've done WW while pregnant, with the emphasis being on healthy eating and maintaining weight, rather than trying to lose it. I know that the ladies I knew both followed the diet but weren't weighed every week at meetings, not sure if SW is the same though!

    Em 36+1 x x x
  • I really wanted to carry on with ww but iv been so unable to eat anything I just cant do it image

    Slimming world may be a good idea tho as it can be carb based which is all I want.

    Good luck with it Mrs Setters, I know it can be followed while pg my friend used to do it with a pg lady X
  • Well, it seems I just follow it the same as before! My consultant (same one I've had before) was lovely and said it's ok to lose weight in pregnancy, as long as my midwife kept track and approved.

    I've gained a shocking amount in the first trimester, most due to huge doses of insulin and not being able to exercise, but I'm hoping to turn it around, off to aqua gym tomorrow morning!
  • Glad you got sorted, i was going to say that with SW its so much easier to follow when pregnant, im doing it though not religiously now im pregnant and ive only put on 7 1/2lbs and im 18+5, with WW they do not recommend you do it past 12 weeks as it is a diet and not just healthy eating like SW. Good luck Mrs S, im sure you will do great. x
  • I'm still going to slimming world but have to say I haven't been following it during the first trimester because I couldnt stomach cooking. Now i'm starting to feel better I am gonna get back on it. I managed to loose a lb this week, god only knows how! That means I have only gained 3 lbs in the first trimester although it looks like more. I have a serious belly tyre going on!!

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