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Hi all!

Just wondering if anyone else is suffering with hayfever at the mo & if anyone knows of any remedies you can take when pregnant. I'm suffering quite badly & have left a message for my midwife, but I was wondering if any of you could help please?

Thank you,



  • Hello!

    Have you tried Hay Max? It's an organic balm which you rub round your nostrils to stop you breathing in the pollen. You can get it from Superdrug and probably Boots. I'm not sure how effective it is comapred to antihistimine tablets, but my hubby says he likes using it as it stops his nose getting sore when he is constantly blowing it!

    Good luck getting something sorted.

  • you can get certain ones prescibed by your doc that are safe, the machine from lloyds that you put up your nose twice a day is good, hubby uses that x
  • Thank you for the info. I think I need to get in to see my GP first & then try alternative methods. I hadn't thought of either of these, so I appreciate the help ladies!!

    Thank you,
  • I am using homepathic stuff - although its not completely gone its defintely helped!

    first time in 20 years I havent taken proper drugs!

  • I suffer from really bad hayfever and always have.
    Cetirizine is safe to take during pregnancy so get your gp to prescribe that. Maybe some nasal spray and eye drops too if you're bad.

  • Is that the same cetirizine as they sell in supermarket? I'm desperate with hayfever and have to start taking something. Life is miserable just now/. Have only been using nasal spray so far and it just isn't working. Really should see my GP but hate GPs image x
  • I'm not sure if they sell it in the supermarket - I get in on prescription which is free as I'm pregnant.

  • Hi ladies!

    I've just spoken to my GP on the phone - they offer phone appointments when they're fully booked. Anyway I'm just about to go and pick up a prescription for a nasal spray & some eye drops. Fingers crossed they work!! Will keep an eye out for the hay max & the whatsit from lloyds.

    Thanks for your advice,
  • I didn't suffer while pregnant (usually have bad hayfever) but it started again as soon as I had given birth. I checked with the nurses in SCBU as I was expressing and MrsN is right, Cetirizine is safe in pregnancy and while breastfeeding. This is the ingredient in Piriton. Tesco and Boots also do own brand tablets with Cetirizine in and they are also available on prescription. The ingredient to avoid is Loratidine which causes drowsiness and is not safe during pregnancy xx

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  • I was prescribed piriton. Still only use it when abs desperate though. Seems very few gps will prescribe anything at all but i have been lucky with mine . Hope it clears for you soon x
  • I was also prescribed Piriton i was really suffering and it was really affecting my asthma a million times better GP said to not take it anymore then 4 times a day though. Hope you get it sorted hayfever is awful isn't it!

  • Hi hun,

    I suffer really badly and normaly use evry drug going!
    Im using this electric device you get form the chemists you put it up your nose for 3mins 3 times a day. I think its worked a bit so its worth a try it was only ??15 you will see it at any loyds chemist. Im also taking herbal pills, these are ok not great tho. I would recommend to put vasaline around your nose as this traps the pollen and turn your pillow over b4 you go to sleep and dry your sheets in the house so pollen doesnt get on them.
    I asked the doc and he said if im really bad to use beconase or flixonase nasel spray.

    Hope this helps

    Han xxx
  • Thanks for the advice ladies. Am gatecrashing image I bought cetirizine and have taken it today so much better. My asthma is bad too with it so hope this clears up soon. Feel a tiny bit guilty for giving in and taking it but got to do something. x
  • How strange......I went to docs today re hayfever as I normally take cetirizine and was told to avoid it during pregnancy. Doctor wasn't helpful and was very reluctant to give me anything. Finally prescribed me opticrom eye drops and rynocrom nasal spray.

    I'll let you know if they work.

  • Hi ladies! I've been taking the nasal spray & it worked a treat until this morning & now I can only breath through my mouth. I think I might've irritated my wind pipe with excessive sneezing & now have a wheeze/cough. Not fun! I've been up since 6 to avoid disturbing hubby. I'll be back at the dr if things don't improve.

    It's miserable this! I've never blown my nose quite so much!!

  • Hi Ladies

    I normally only get hayfever in april and may when the trees are getting their leaves. I went to dr's last week for my confirmation appointment and nurse said not to take anything in pregnancy. I have been suffering bad too. I normally take Citrizine hydrochloride and looking at the leaflet in the box, it says not to take if pg or breastfeeding.

    I am fed up of sneezing!!!

    Melissa 6+4
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