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how early did you get a positive test?

Hi, I am kind of convinced that I am pregnant with my second child but AF not due until about middle of next week. I am having symtoms like I had before but I don't know if it is in my head cos it is the 1st month we haven't been very careful and it took us 5 months of real trying last time! lol! I want to go and get a clearblue test now as I got a strong result 2 days early last time but I think it will be a waste of money as it is too early - or is it?? When did you get positives?? I hate the not knowing!!!


  • I would got for a first response as theyre more sensitive but I didnt get my BFP until I was about 15 or 16 DPO so it was quite a late shower


  • I used a fr in the evening at 9dpo and got a +ve!

    Good Luck hon
  • i got a bfp on day 25 of a 28 day cycle
    good luck xxxxx
  • I got BFP at 9 DPO with FR or day 23 of a 28 day cycle. Good luck xxx
  • i got a bfp at just 3 days late with a first response test. i too had a feeling that i was pregnant though even before i was late. good luck xx
  • I tested 4 days before AF due with a cheap superdrug test and got a faint positive so re-confirmed it a couple of days later with a clearblue!
    Good luck!
  • 8 dpo with fr day 22 of 24 day cycle
  • hi i got a positive on a asda cheap test at 11DPO of a 28-30 day cycle.

    good luck

    ashy 6+4
  • I got a bfp on a cheapy test, when af was 1 day late.

    Personally i would wait a bit longer if you can, as a test now (even FR) wont be at all accurate, and you dont want to get disapointed for no reason, Having said that though, if you are having preg symptoms, this could be because there is enough HGC in your system - so a test could (maybe) work.

    Tis up to you hun. Good Luck!
  • Hi Thanks all! I got 2 clearblue tests at the weekend and did one with early morning pee as I was so desperate to see what it woud say. I got a BFN but I was testing really early. I am trying so hard to wait until the end of the week until I test again - unless AF comes. Thanx for the replies - it is amazing how tests vary and quick they can give a result sometimes!
  • I couldn't wait and tested today - and got a BFP!!!!! So I will be joining this forum! This baby will have the same due date as my last pregnancy but exactly 2 yrs later - how scary!!!?
  • aww congratulations sweetie image
    so happy for you.
    will look forward to chatting to you more.

  • i tested 3 days before AF due with a CBD and got a positive!

  • Congratulations newbiemum. amazing how one day was bfn then next bfp. just goes to show tests can respond didff and a bfn is def not always accurate x
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