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Drinking whilst pregnant?

Hi all...
just wondered if anyone has had the odd glass of wine during their pregnancy or not?...
I completely gave up smoking when finding out I was pregnant (which has been seriously hard)... but I have been having an odd glass of wine (not on a regular basis)

What are your views with this?..


  • There is nothigng wring with a little bit of alcohol now and then. I have had three small glasses since I found out that I was pregnant. I am 32 weeks now. I have had it when I have wanted it (new year and valentines day I think the third was in march) xx
  • Personally i didnt touch a drop. I have always enjoyed a drink or two and tbh one glass wouldnt have been enough so i gave up completly dh gave up with me and it made it all a lot easier. did enjoy my first glass of champers once they had arrived tho xx
  • Hi! I am 21+6. I gave up alcohol altogether - I have enjoyed enough glasses of wine in the past! Maybe when I stop breastfeeding I will feel comfortable with alcohol but at the moment I just can't bring myself to touch it! X
  • i gave up smoking too but have had one small glass of wine since finding out. i am now 28+4 and miss wine but felt guilty when i had it before so i just don't touch it now. i think one unit a day is ok and will not harm ur baby but i prefer to go without personally. i was naughty and got completely off my face drunk when i was about 4 weeks pregnant before i knew (it wasn't planned) and i still worry about it so much now. take care anyway xx
  • I know it sounds like a bit of an excuse but my hubby and I gave up smoking straight away... which was extremely hard with all the emotions of the first 3 months of pregnancy. Im still finding it very hard to this day and im in my 31st week! Ive simply needed a glass (very rarely) to calm down....

    I must admit.. I do feel awful when Ive had one drink.... Does that make me selfish do you think?

    Just hope he's going to be okay.. You just never know do you..

  • if im right then medically you are allowed up to 3units a week, and this has been deemed safe by research. but obviously it is a personal decision, and since being pregnant i have only had 3 glasses of champagne - and that was only because my oh popped the question!! so since then and before then i didnt have anything...mind you, i have a nice bottle of champers to open when our little boy decides to put in an appearance! 8 days til im due so hopefully not too long x x x
  • I did the same as doublebubble and gave up completely, I found having none was easier than having one!
  • hi pregnant lady,

    like you I gave up smoking immediately when I found out I was pregnant. It's tough, but I think for me the guilt would be worse if I had a cigarette!

    The nhs advice says that you should have no more than two units of alcohol once or twice a week although there is of course a school of thought that says you shouldn't have any alcohol at all.

    I personally have had the occasional glass of wine. (it's amazing how you can make it last for hours!!!). My friend has two very healthy young children and her treat during pregnancy was either a pint of magners or a glass of wine every couple of weeks.

    These choices are really personal and I think of you make an informed choice that's right for you then that's what's really important.

  • I've only had a glass of bucks fizz at Xmas and that has been it for the duration of the pregnancy. I've dropped many hints that champagne had better be readily available when the baby finally arrives!! :lol:
  • i don't make a habit of drinking in pregnancy but if i fancy a glass of wine i will have a very small glass. in my 2nd pregnancy i craved wine in the evening it was awful but i didn't give in to my craving.xx
  • I have had a white wine spritzer once a week on a Saturday,when we go out for dinner. Although didn't bother last night as had shocking heartburn...

    I am 34 weeks pregnant and have a bottle of Cristal champagne ready for after I give birth... Can't wait!


  • hi, i gave up smoking sraight away when i found out i was pregnant and cant stand being around people who smoke, it is great now they have stoped smoking in pubs as i can go out with out heaving, but i will have a couple of halfs of guiness , i know its an old wifes tale , that its good for you , but i dont get drunk , still socialize and baby is doin fantastic !!!!!! cant touch wine as like some one else said i used to be quite a lush and think i would have to finish the bottle ha ha
  • I've done the same as lot's of you. I'm 33weeks, and i gave up smoking when i saw my baby's heart beating at my first scan. i had'nt had a drink since finding out i was pregnant until about a month ago. I did'nt even drink on my 21'st birthday back in january. I feel guilty now though, coz i had a bux fizz spritzer the other week, and a glass of lambrini last night. I could'nt drink it all though, i got breathless after the 3rd sip.
    The way i see it, lot's of ppl continue to do both whilst pregnant, and more often than not they have healthy babies. (As long as it's not in excess).
  • Hey pregnant lady.... I would suggest that maybe no alcohol is best. There is a condition called fetal alcohol syndrome in which babies a born with, resulting in both metnal and physical retardation, due to the mother conusming alcohol whilst pregnant. However not one medical study and research can actually jstify the amont of alcohol that must be consumed in order for this condition to occur. So its entirely up to you. But I speaking from a professional way, I wouldnt advise to drink too much espeically in the first 3 months as this is the time it will be most detrimental. Later on in the pregnancy a glass now and then probly wont harm the baby. Hope this helps. Amirah (midwife and mum 2 be)
  • hi i have had the odd glass of wine when i fancied it.i have had about a total of 3 glasses since being pregnant and im now 30weeks.The odd glass does not hurt but if you drink lots then yes it will affect ur baby.xx
  • I guess I'm lucky - I can't drink when I'm pregnant, just the taste makes me feel sick.
  • It very much is a personal choice and to tbh if you feel guilty after having a drink then I wouldn't bother. It is recommeded to have no more than 2 units a week, but some say it's better to stop altogether. Personally I was going to allow myself one bottle of beer a week as a Saturday night treat - however more often than not I just don't feel like it anyway so haven't bothered (I'm 16 weeks now). On the odd occasion I have had a drink I just enjoy it and I've surprised myself at how long I can make a bottle of beer last!
  • I had one very weak spritzer at xmas and one at new year,and a tiny glass of wine when we moved into our new house and that's all I've had. I'm now 37 +3 and don't mind not drinking, though i am looking forward to a nice glass of wine once baby is here!! x x
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