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Sunbeds and pregnancy

hey, I’m 27 weeks pregnant I just wanted everyones views on sunbeds and pregnanc??? 

I don’t want people telling me off for using them (because I’m not) but just a want some views on it and if anyone has used them though pregnancy ect!!! 

Would be much appreciated xxx


  • You can deffo use them, but be really careful cause pregnancy can make your skin quite a bit more sensitive to the sun, so you could burn a lot easier than you usually would. I reckon get a spray tan - no chance of burning then 😝

  • so it probably won’t harm baby then??? Along as I be extra careful!! I would try spray tan but it just doesn’t work for me !! xxx

  • Nope, no evidence it would harm baby - tell you though, find someone to do a ST Tropez spray - they are the best spray tans ever - i always get one before i go on holidays or a wedding and they really are amazing. I get the fast developing one, so can wash it off before bed. 

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