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When should i start to wear a maternity bra??

Hi girls

i was wondering how early you have to start wearing maternity bras, because i have heard you must not wear a underwired bra while pregnant. I have always been large busted (34H) and im not looking forward to the possibilty of them getting any bigger. I want to be as comfortable as possible and they have started becoming very painful over the past couple of days.

Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks. :\)

4+5 xx

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  • I only just got a maternity support bra the other week, i went to Mothercare to get fitted which was good, she made a tutting sound when i told her how many weeks i was and hadnt got one yet! lol Im not sure when most people get one think its own personal preference, some people i have seen wear wires maybe if they are going out somewhere and that kind of thing.

    Hope some of the other ladies can give you better advice

    20 + 4 xx
  • I was thinking just the same thing today! My boobs are bigger and I'm starting to pop out a little at the top of my bra! But I'm only 4 weeks gone so perhaps I'm being a bit previous. They're also expensive! But, on the other hand, I wear underwired too, so perhaps I should get one?? This pregnancy lark is a mine field!
  • La Senza have a lovely range of maternity bras which also double up as nursing bras when you need to. You can go online if you don't have one near you - and they're only about ??12 - 14..... x
  • my mothercare one was only ??9.60 down from ??12 so not overly expensive. Once you know the right size you can shop around xx
  • iv not bothered this time round as i did a breastfeeding peer support course last year and got told that as long as you get regularly measured and wear a proper fitting bra it is ok to stay in wired ones mush to my relief!! i too am big busted and hated wearing the non wired bras with my daughters.You can also buy underwired nursing bras so i'll defo be getting these for breastfeeding after!

    34+4 xxx
  • Hi hun, I'm a 36 EE and had heard you weren't meant to wear underwired bra's but I spoke to a very experienced bra fitter and she advised that as long as the bra fitted properly and didn't sit on the breast at all, just sits on your rib cage, that you can't damage the milk ducts.

    I think you might get conflicting opinions and advise on this subject but my advise would be to feel comfortable. I did get 2 maternity bras but they gave me no support at all and poor shape so went back to underwired x
  • at the beggining (about 5 weeks) as i was so sore i got some support bras and night time sleep bras, i am not getting proper maternity bras yet as i have already gone up 3 cup sizes and for me it is a waste of money so i have gone for comfy normal bras, i think the underwired thing is about not harming milk ducts but if you are fitted properly the wiring should be against your ribs not your breasts anyway. i would defo recomend getting mesured regulary as my new bras (gone from c to e eeeek!) make such a difference, i really didnt realise i had grown so much

  • I went to Rigby and Peller in London and got measured there and they said that there is no problem to wear underwired bras as long as they are fitted properly. I was 34G pre pregnancy and they fitted me with a 38H which I have been told to wear on the tightest fitting at the moment and then let it out as and when it gets too tight for my ribs. She also said that by putting me in an H rather than G I also have some space in the cup to grow too. They advised to go back 2 weeks before due date to get measured for a nursing bra but a friend of mine said that she tried that but as her bump hadn't dropped she was told that they couldn't fit her as they couldn't get flat against her as her bump was in the way and so she went a couple of weeks after having her daughter.

  • I never bought a maternity bra during my last pregnancy and wore an underwired bra the whole way through. I'm planning to do the same during this pregnancy. Like other people have said I don't think it's necessary as long as you have a properly fitted bra, that's all that matters.

  • I was the same, I got really sore boobs really early on and was popping out of my normal bra's. I am a bit peeved, I spent a fortune in bravissimo being fitted weeks before I got pregnant. I am popping out of the top of them and can't afford to go be fitted again so I have been buying cheap ones from mothercare, although one of the ones I bought is like chinese water torture it's that painful to wear!

    The only problem with La Senza Kpepper is they don't go above an E cup which sucks cuz their bra's are sooo pretty!

    I do squeeze into my old bra's every now and then when I want to wear nice tops because my maternity ones are so big I can only wear them with my more unfeminine clothes! I am sure wearing my pre pregnancy bra's once in a while can't do too much harm!
  • I really recommend getting well-fitted and staying in underwire. I went to be measured at about 10 weeks I think, because I'd started noticing I wasn't fitting in the cups so well. They were fab at Bravissimo, I was a 30F and they said my back size had not changed that much, but to go up to a 32 just to give me more space and comfort. So I'm now in a 32FF and really comfy. As long as the bra fits you, the wires won't be touching any breast tissue so can't damage your ducts. The ladies at the shop said I could go into non-wired, but they recommend to stay in wired until pretty late on in pregnancy, as us well blessed girlies need to extra support. I'd rather have as much support as I can while I can. Just make sure the bras fit you and you'll be fine. I've always had to be careful with La Senza, as although I love their bras I find their sizes greatly differ to sizes everywhere esle, and I find I end up guessing, which I don't want to do! Can't speak highly enough of wearing little soft bras to sleep in, I love them and find that if I go even one night without them, my boobs really hurt like they did at the beginning of my pregnancy and it lasts a couple of days.

    Hopefully all this wearing of fab bras and supporting my boobs at night will result in as little change as possible to them - not ready for my boobs to reach my knees just yet!image

    Em 23+2 x x x

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  • la senza do go above E as i was given a load of F to try x
  • I found i had a massive growth spurt at 10 weeks so I had to get fitted for soft maternity bras xxx you get used to 'the look' ha! They are so ugly.

    I went from a 32E to 36G....and I have just had another growth getting fitted for nursing bras this money money!!!

    Try John Lewis they was only ??9 each. And comfy....but awful looking!


    MKB 36+4
  • I got properly fitted with both my pgs and was advised that sports bras give good support. I bought a black and white one and they should expand with you. I was really comfy.

    I went back and got 2 feeding bras which were underwired and very good. They were expensive but i had them on every day for about 10 months so i guess they were worth it.

    I tried mothercare and found them absolutely crap, badly fitted and no support!!

    I will prob get checked around 16 weeks or so coz im starting to get uncomfy in my own bras now, but im hoping some of my last pregnancy bras will fit to save cash

    Gemm x

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