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Has anyone else got their dates wrong?

I went for my first scan today at which they asked me how far along I thought I was.
As I last had my period on the 25th of June, I thought I could be around 14 weeks. When I went to the midwife a couple of weeks ago she felt my tummy and said she too thought around 12 weeks at the time.

When I had my scan today though the sonographer said that from the measurements I am 9 1/2 weeks.
Thats a big time difference. I had just started to get over worrying about being safe and when I hit the 12 weeks mark I was so relieved and now I have to go through that again for the next couple of weeks.
It makes it harder this time though as we have now seen the baby and I am more worried about loosing it.


  • Someone on here will know the statistics, but once you've seen the baby and a heatbeat has been confirmed tthe chances of mc are massively reduced, so I would relax and enjoy - def easier said than done!!!

  • I think if you see a heatbeat after 8 weeks, your chance of miscarriage reduces significantly. I think you're chance of having a healthy full term baby is something like 95%, and it continues to increase.

    Is there a chance you got your dates wrong? Do you have to go for another scan?xx

  • Hu i got my dates wrong too my due date has been pushed right back to 30/4/10 lol i thought i was 11 wks +1 but i was 8wks+6 !!!

    Saw a heartbeat so thats whats keeping me going i suppose xxx
  • Yes I have another scan to go to in 3 weeks time when I should be 12 weeks.
    Thank you ladies for helping me put my mind to rest.

    mumto3x We share the same due date x
  • Hi hon
    Try not to worry, as the others say, once you have seen a heartbeat at 8 weeks your as safe as you can be. my mw told me that if you see a heartbeat at 8 weeks, it's the same rate of miscarriage as seeing one at 12 weeks, we actually told people from 9 weeks having seen the heartbeat.
    AT our early scan, she said she thought I was behind 2 weeks but I knew my dates 100%. Lo and behold by 12 weeks little one had caught up. Try not to worry, a heartbeat is a great sign. Congratulations! xxx
  • my midwife had me down as due 29th december from my LMP but scan showed 8th jan! nearly 2 weeks out

  • I am lurking, dont belong here yet!

    Apparently, the alter you are the scan resutls are less accurate. for my dd my due date was 25ht may. Cos my afs were more 30-32 days and my lo was small on size they but me back to 31st may.

    Despite this, my lo made an appearnce at 37ekd our dates. 36wks scan dates. They keep me in becuase she was classes as prem at 36wks! She was 5lb 10 and healthy adn well covered in fat. She didnt look prem, wasnt skinny or anything.

    Going by my experience, I would say stick to the scan dates, however have your labour bag packet nearer the time for what was your due date.
  • Hi,
    I got put back by 2 weeks at the 12 week scan too. Original date given was the 18th December but at scan moved to the 31st Dec. It just doesn't quite add up by my reckoning of when I think I ovulated and when I know we did the deed! We will see come 18th Decmeber I guess!
  • My dates have changed so many times, i'm just going to expect baby to come some time in March lol
    From my LMP which i was sure off as i'd had a mc the month before i should have been due on the 3rd march, from my early scan i should have been due on the 22nd march, from my 12 week scan i'm due on the 13th march and on my notes it say due 16th March! God thats hard work. Plus both of my other children have come early so i'm not expecting to reach mid march x x
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