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Past Experience - Losing your mucus plug - Having a show?

Hi ladies,

Just after some past experience stories really.

I'm due tomorrow! image

I lost my mucus plug yesterday - had my show. I think it was all of it, as I havent had anything since and it was pretty large.

I know its just a sign of your womb softening and your body preparing for birth, but when did things kick off for you ladies after having a show and how did things start.

Am on the waiting game again now :lol: and midwife said baby is fully engaged too. :\)

Emma and Blue Bump Liam (DUE TOMORROW) image


  • hi ya. with my 1st i didn't lose my plug till i had a sweep by the midwife when i was 10 days lte and labour started 2 days later, with my second i had my show at 39 weeks and my labour started 8days later and wth my 3rd i lost my plug at 40+3 and he was born at 42wks. Sorry not much help reallu as they were all different so i'd say it definately is a waiting game but hopefully not too long a one for you now xx
  • Hi, with my daughter I didnt lose my plug untill I had been haveing contractions for a few hours. Sorry not much help xx
  • I lost my plug last week at 27 weeks so it can go early without it leading to labour...I hope!!!!
  • With my first I lost my plug in small pieces, contractions started a couple of hours after I lost the first bit - but it took a good twelve hours to lose the lot!
  • g/c from ttc
    WOW image i remember your BFP hun
    i had my son 2days after i lost my plug x
    All the best for you and baby xxx
  • i lost a small amount first then in the early hours of the following morning i lost the rest and my contractions started 20 mins later image had my son that day

    good luck

    becca and jacob
    8 weeks, 1 day x
  • hi i lost my mucus plug with my 1st child at 8am and had my baby girl by 11.59am!! cant remember losing it with my second but with my 3rd i lost it about 2pm and had my baby at 10pm!! so all have been the same day.
  • With my first daughter I lost my plug about 10 hours before she was born- I had been having contractions for most of the night before hand. My waters broke within a few hours of plug going. This time however I am 30 weeks today and I lost some of my plug last Friday and lost a bit more on Sunday. x
  • with my first daughter i lost some of my plug in small amounts over a few weeks but there wasnt anything 'big' then i lost it properly with a lot of blood which made me panic a few hours b4 she was born, i went for a check up at hosp ( was 5 days over) as had alot of blood and wasnt sure was meant to be that much and it was all fine i was already 3cm although had contractions since the day b4 although they werent painful in anyway she gave me a sweep even though said i didnt need it as id def be back by the night as soon as she did it i had major contractions and was back in hosp a few hours later and was 9cm! had her an hour later image im hoping my next labour will be just as quick xx
  • with my first i had my show at 11.30pm and she was born at 03.58am. my second i dont recall ever having a show, my third i lost it at around 28 wks, and then had him at exactly 35 wks, and this time i lost it (well think was only part of it) at 29 wks xxxx
  • I lost mine with my DD when I'd been in labour about 24 hours and was prob about 4cms dilated. I was shocked at how much of it there was though and how long it kept coming out for - everytime I went to the loo for the next few hours! I guess it depends on how your cervix is as to how long things will take to prgress from there. For me, I kind of feel that this time round, I'm prob not really in established labour until I get my show (and I don't expect it to come early) as I have a tilted uterus so the majority of early labout for me is the cervix getting into the right position (during my last pg is was tucked back away from the birth canal) before I even start dilating.
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