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Anyone had dentist anaesthetic while pregnant?

I am due for the dentist on Weds and for the last couple of days have an ache in a tooth. I am petrified of the dentist at the best of times but am now worried I may need a filling,
Is it safe to have the anaesthetic injection while pregnant?

My teeth don't feel like they fit together on the left hand side anymore when I bite together. Feels like a top one is hanging down. Does that make sense? Anybody else experienced this? Could it be cos they say our gums get softer and so maybe one tooth is slightly loose??

I am having panic attacks and palpitations just at the thought.

Please advise!
Rachel. 17+1. xx


  • Hi Rachel! Not sure what's wrong with your teeth. Could be cos your gums are softer. It is fine to have anaesthetic at the dentists. I had to have it when I was 22 weeks and my dentist said it was ok. Hope that helps. XXX
  • Its fine to have it hun so try not to worry I had it at 18 weeks to replace a filling and remove and abcess

  • hey chick have had several injections at dentist and they numb the area with a gel 1st to ease the pain (i usually get sedated as have a phobia of dentists) because its local anaestetic it means it only affects the local area don't worry about it you can always ask at the time but i have another 3 dental treatments due in may-july to have teeth sorted which will include injections btw i'm due 4 days b4 the 3 appt lol so for 2 of them i'll be very heavily pregnant hahahaha sods law. don't worry or panick it wont harm baby not like your stress levels! good luck hugs
  • Hiya!
    I had a bloody filling 2 weeks ago - sorry you cant use it as an excuse not to have the filling lol
    I checked and it is ok - mores the pity I hate the dentist!!!!
    Love Lee
  • Hi ladies

    I'm glad this topic has come up. I'm at the dentist on Monday to have a small filling done and have been worrying about it for ages. When I went for my check up last month and he told me I needed a filling, I did ask him then for his reassurance that it was ok to have the local anaesthetic. He said it was fine. I also phoned my mw just to double check and she said as long as it's Lignocaine then it's no problem at all. Lots of other women at my work had dental stuff done while they were pregnant. At least we get all this done free while we're pregnant - so there's always a good side to everything!!! Still not looking forward to going though - I hate going to the dentist...

  • i've got to make an appointment with the dentist tomorrow, 1 of my wisdom teeth have decided to start growing again, got told when they first starting coming through that the best thing to stop it aching like hell is to take ibuprofen but with pregnancy can't take it, so not really much i can do about it image also on top of that i need a filling redoing for the 3rd time (dentist doesn't want to take to the tooth out because apparently i have a nice set of teeth anyway & she doesn't want to spoil them image) it's one of the back ones ffs!!!! n i couldn't care less any way.

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