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Hi Kate. Symptoms in early pregnancy range from slight tiredness to exhaustion, a little nausea to not being able to keep anything down and needing to go on a drip, and sometimes nothing at all. It doesn't mean there is anything wrong if you get no symptoms, every pregnancy is different even with the same woman and none of it is predictable.

Enjoy not feeling like death warmed up and make the most of it, you'll have a bump soon enough, restricted movement, pelvic pain, running to the loo, weeing in a bottle every time you visit the midwife... Oh isn't pregnancy romantic! Seriously, enjoy it, some women sail through, I'm just a bit down becuase I am not one of them. N. xx


  • Hiya Kate, please try not to worry,
    i was 8 weeks pregnant with my first before i found out. hen i told people, they were asking me did i have sore boobs, was i tired, did i need to wee all the time, was i feeling sick, it made me really panic, as i had none of these symptoms, and it wasnt until i went for my 12 week scan that i could relax, so please try to relax, everybodys pregnancy is different, and like nicolette says, enjoy feeling well.
    best of luck
    kas xx
  • Hi Kate!
    I was one of the lucky ones, I managed to get away with no morning sickness. I felt slightly sick when near a parsnip but that was it! I got slightly tired and emotional in the first 3 months and then had nothing (apart from a huge bump) until 32 weeks when my legs and feet started swelling up with water retention. I spent the last 2 or 3 weeks of pregnancy in bed as i could hardly walk!

    I wouldn't worry as every one of my friends has had completely different pregnancies!!! Just relax and enjoy it!!! Make sure you pamper yourself!
  • you know with my 1st pregnancy i never even felt or looked pregnant, there was nothing about me that said pregnancy. not one syptom at all. only felt pregnant when i could feel the baby move. remember doing tests at 10 weeks just to make sure i was still pregnant!
    2nd pregnancy was sickness and little tiredness. it was a little of all the syptoms.
    3rd pregnancy, got bloody every thing in full force!
    all i'm saying is all pregnancy are different, so i wouldn't worry.
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