Naive to want a September baby?

Hi Girls,
Please could I have your advice. I both got married and turned 36 last month. My husband is the same age. I have been taking medication during the summer which meant I had to be on the pill. I stopped taking both towards the beginning of September.

We really would love a September baby and had thought to start ttc at Christmas but I am in a dilemma whether to start taking the pill again until then because I understand a woman's fertility is at its highest level just after she stops taking it or whether we shouldn't wait because of my age?

Also, is it really the advantage that I think it may be to have a September baby anyway?

Your thoughts and opinions would be greatly appreciated


  • Hi i'm not sure its that easy to choose when you want to give birth?image

    My oldest dd was born in August so she is the youngest in her school year but she is now 14 and doing her GCSE's and she is in the top half of the top sets in her year so being upto 11 1/2 months younger than some in her year has made no difference to her image

    Also if your August lo sat entrance exams for secondary schools their age is taken into account. So September birthdays havent really got that much of an advantage.
    good luck
  • After just having my 5th baby in march this year, we had decided not to have anymore for a while and i had said i would like a may baby in about 2 years time!!!!
    It didn't quite go to plan and i'm already pregnant but i'm due by my dates 2nd may!!!! lol

    My childrens birthdays are feb, march, july, oct, nov.
    Don't think any of what i've said will help you but just thought i'd share! lol
    Good luck ttc xxxxxxxx
  • Thanks Michelle,
    I also posted my question on the ttc thread and also got positive comments that it doesn't always matter if children are born later in the academic year. Thank you for sharing and reassuring! xxx
  • I don't understand why you think it's an advantage to have a September baby?? If anything, it's a nightmare - the maternity wards are crammed with Xmas and New year conceptions (several friends of mine would confirm this - one of them was nearly turned away from her local hospital as all the maternity beds were full, but because she worked at the hospital they gave her a private room).
    I'm an August birthday and was academically very successful and am now a lawyer... Thinking back to when I was at school, there was no relationship between the person's birthday and their intelligence/exam results. To me, it is utterly bonkers to think it makes a difference! Intelligence and academic ability are genetic more than anything.
  • Hi Emsyj,
    I agree intelligence is genetic and not due to birth date. However I thought it may be a factor in the confidence a child has when they start School if they are a little older.
    I take your point though that the maternity units may be busy in September due to the holiday festivities.
  • I think I might have replied to this on ttc as it sounds familiar... we have 2 - Sept and June. I thought hte Sept would have an advantage but it was actually horrible for her as she is very bright and her friends are still (aged 15) mostly in higher grades than her. She had to stay at Nursery and lower dancing grades while all her friends moved up because they were older (sometimes only a few weeks!)
    I was due in July but sadly mc a couple of weeks ago and am ttc again which, if I catch as quick as I have all the other times will give me a sept oct baby again LOL
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