anyone cd 14 or there about??

looking for a wee cycle buddie or 2...or more obviously lol image

I usually have a cycle in the 30's so still a wee while to go ggrrrr lol but would be nice to chat to ladies to keep all our minds from it x


  • Hi Grudie,

    Day 14 for me too! I am 1 DPO as my cycles have been 27/26 days lately and already had my smiley face! This is my 10th cycle of trying, just been to GP as I have other medical conditions too so starting initial tests etc . How about you? Are you in the 2WW yet? Kate xx
  • hello image

    no where near the 2ww for me lol i dont usually ov until cd 19-22 so your a little in front of me in that terms,are you doing the smep??

    hope everything at the docs went well x
  • Hi again,
    Yes I've been doing SMEP this month but only managed CD 8 and 10 before getting smiley on day 12 so we 'tried' day 12 and 13 and then will try again today! Smiley has gone now though so think I am 1dpo but will be trying again just to be sure!
    Have you been trying for a while? I've been on here since May and seen you around xx
  • im starting smep this month have been trying to have a relaxed time ttc this year,weve been ttc 21 months now,we have a son Lennon who is 3 in june,ive been quite quuiet on here of late,been feeling quite down about this ttc malarky lol

    oh your in the dreaded 2ww then argh,im sure your quite calm the now tho eh lol were going to start bding cd 19 for the 3 days should cover all the bases i think lol

    i hate all this pre planned bding but needs are a must eh x
  • CD15 for me. Usually ov around day 10 and AF at 24 days but had mc at Xmas so altho have had AF since don't know if this one will be 24 days too. I've been doing BBT and poas but never got the +ve for the LH surge before ov (but could easily have missed it) and temps haven't been conclusive *sigh!
    I di have ov pains at the weekend tho. Wanted to BD last night in case I'm going to have a longer cycle but in the end I just wasn't in the mood and figured what will be...

    So when are you all testing? I'm aiming to hang on til weekend of 20th (if 24 day cycle would be due 18th) but know I won't LMAO
  • hey seraphinia,how are you?

    its hard to bd when your not in the mood when you know you should in a sence,i get like that ll the time and hate just doing it for the sake of it

    i dont test early ive learnt my lesson early on and found 2 fr's ive had for about 6 months lol must have hid them
  • ive stopped using my cbfm which they recommend you do after 6 months use anyway but im just not ready to use it again,i kind of get an idea when im oving as i get ewcm sometimes i get pain sometimes i dont lol

    a wee november baby would be great just in time to share with xmas image
  • Hi I'm CD13 today. I usually ov around CD16 to CD18. We are ttc our second child. We have a lovely little boy who is nearly 2. Unfortunately I had a mc in Nov at 6 weeks pregnant and this is our 2nd month ttc since then. We use CBFM - love it sooo much. Would love to stay in touch and see how we all get on.

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  • hi emma

    really sorry to hear about your mc xx

    i loved using my cbfm but giving it a miss for a while,it has given me an idea when i ov so it has helped

    hopefully we will all be moving on out of here image
  • hi im on cd15 too think im in my 2ww but not sure when i ov as i havent done any tests just letting nature take its course. so fingers crossed. good luck ladies xx
  • Maybe this can be the new lucky list! There seem to be a few of them around but perhaps this can be the next one - we deserve our BFPS now!!
  • Hi, I'm only on CD8 and I think I will de due to ov on the fifteenth. Not using tests or anything as early days and don't want to get too stressed about it all! Typed my af details into fertility friends web and just taking that as a rough guide. Hope it's not a hopeless plan. Would love to get my BFP this month as would love to have a lo by the end of 2010 but prefer it not to be too close to xmas, however if that's what nature wants to deal me then i won't say no!! lol
  • oh yay another lucky thread that wold be fab image
  • Yes, agree this should be another lucky thread.
  • Am on CD14 today...fingers crossed for this month! xxx
  • meeee! well CD16. Not that I'm 'trying' yet! image
  • Hey Grudes and everyone else!!
    I'm on cd10 today, so a bit behind you but my cycles are shorter. Its unlikely I will have a donoation this month but just in case I do can I join this 'lucky' thread too!!! Perhaps the luck'll be an actual attempt!!!
  • McG you know you'l be here soon image

    helen you dont evenneed to ask,and hopefully this thread will be double the luck for you xxx
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