My hayfever has kicked in with a vengeance the past few days and it is driving me CRAZY!! Does anyone know of any medication that is safe to take for hayfever whilst TTC?? I know it's a long shot but thought I would ask! image



  • You can take some of the nasal sprays, but only on advice of dr I think. xx
  • Thanks mithical - I best book an appt then!! Typical - I haven't suffered for 3yrs and this year it comes back when I'm TTC!!


  • Very typical! One of my friends id pg, and dr advised her to only take the nasal spray if really necessary. So I def think good idea to find out which ones are safest. xx
  • Thanks - I have just been reading on NHS direct that older tablets like chlorphenamine can be safe to take - I take piriton usually and this is the active ingredient, so this may be ok!! I will still check with doc though to be sure what is best!!


  • I was under the impression all anti-histamines were a no-no. So best to find out. xx
  • Definitely mithical - i just thought I would look on NHS direct and see what they said! I wouldn't tale anything without docs advice xx


  • hi while i was pg with my daughter got told to drink green tea for my hayfever as its natural found it did help with my hayfever and have started drinking it again this wk
  • Thanks beckyboop - i do drink this occasionally but not enough!! I will definitely try this as I am going mad with it!!

    Flush30 - thanks - this is also the post I read. I asked pharmacist today and they said it was ok whilst TTC to take piriton allergy (as chlorphenamin based) so long as I took low dose!

    For others, here is the NHS quote

    'Antihistamines are not licensed for use in pregnancy. However, the older (sedating) antihistamines (such as chlorpheniramine) are usually considered safe to take in pregnancy. You must take care when driving as they can cause drowsiness.

    You can also usually use antihistamine eye-drops (use with care as some people are allergic to them). An antihistamine nasal spray can usually be used with caution during pregnancy. However, you should consult your doctor first if you are intending to use eye-drops or nasal sprays.

    You should not use the newer, non-sedative antihistamines (such as terfenadine, astemizole, loratidine and cetirizine), as the safety of these medicines in pregnancy has not been established.'
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