sorry wrong form!!!!

For a girl i LOVE Esme OH is coming round to it LOL

BUT he loves Memphis for a boy i just think its a bit too strange what do you all think help me plz!!! x x

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  • I love Esme but I'm not so keen on Memphis. It's a very personal thing though pet so I would go with whatever the two of you think and knickers to anyone else!!
    I love Amelie Rose or Dulce for a girl and for a boy I quite like Austin or Benjamin. I always had my heart set on Daisy but our friends recently had a little girl called Daisy! xx
  • Isn't Memphis a character in a film? is it gone in 60 seconds? I love Esme- v cute and girlie like Maisie.
  • :lol: has flump brain kicked in hun :lol:

    U were stalking us wernt you image

    I LOVE LOVE Esme (but i am a Twilight fan) image OH hates it coz its a name in twilight :lol:

    Hope you and flump r well xxx
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