Over the past few months my cycles have been going crazy, some months they would be a 35 day cycle and other months a 24 day cycle.
I have been keeping track of them and also had some tests done at docs and she says she cant work out what the problem is, last month she sent me for cycle 21 day bloods which came back fine and that im OV'ing as normal.
She also told me that its normal to have EWCM straight after a cycle, this just indicates that my cycle will be a shorter one.

So this is our first month ttc since our mmc last september after a break.
Im due to OV sometime this week, my planner says on thurs but am already getting quite a lot of EWCM today so am thinking it could be today, we have been BD'ing everyday since my cycle stopped just incase my body decides to go a little crazy again.
But i have noticed that recently i have been feeling VERY sick, am having sharp stabbing pains on and off on my left side, feeling dizzy and faint and been getting really bad back pains in my lower back on and off.
Will this be due to OV?
I have never really felt this bad and dont really know why this month is diff.

Anyone had this when they have been OV'ing? Or any ideas why i could be getting them?

Thank you ladies, lots of baby dust to all

xx emma xx


  • Hey hun, so sorry to hear about your mc x

    I get all sorts of symptoms like this when I OV - a couple of cycles ago I thought I was pg they were that bad! I had bloating, cramps, such bad backache I couldn't stand up, dizziness and stabby pains. Normally I just get stabby pains and a bit of EWCM so this was weird! Also, I tend to get EWCM for about 3 days before and up to OV. I've started getting headaches now too, joyous.

    So this could very well be you OVing. Have you done a pg test just to check it's not that?

    Fingers crossed your cycle is getting back to normal xxx

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