Need some advice about OPK

I'm bit confused... been trying for a baby #2 since 2 months ago, this month our 3rd of trying, used Clearblue Ovulation Testing 7 sticks last month but realised that i started bit too early and could missed my ovulation. Had been working out when my ovulation is (for my cycle 36 days) but this month did start day 18 for 7 days yet had no smile! Does that mean i have missed my lh surge or didn't ovulate?? I always get my period every month, vary from 33-36 days. Noticed CM on day 23 (last thurs). Just curious if anyone out there ever had no smile but still got preg?


  • Hiya
    I know that the OPKS tell you to start from CD10 so it is possible that you have missed ur ovulation this month if you didnt start testing till CD18.
    I have a 28 day cycle and normally ovulate on CD18 but that is later that the 'average'. But then this can alter each month so thats why you have to check every day from CD10 onwards (although admittedly I save on sticks and start from CD12).
    Not sure if that helps you honey.
    Good luck anyway.
  • Hi XPG,
    Welcome to TTC!

    I used the cb digital opk's last month. I started too early and ended up buying a 2nd pack. I was testing in the afternoon as it advises to do. When I got down to my last stick I'd given up and actually used in 1st thing on the last day and my smiley came up!
    This month I've used amazon cheapies testing twice a day and I've found that on the 2 days I tested positive it's only shown up 1st thing and the afternoon tests on the same days were negative.

    Sooo the point I'm trying to make is - although your lh surge is supposed to happen later in the day you may be an exception to the rule like me!
    Other ladies on here have got their smileys with fmu (first morning urine) too.

    Hope this helps and I haven't confused you x
  • Thanks to u both for the clear info i was looking for! It has helped. I think test one a day for 7 days is not enough cos i could have missed lh surge. If no luck this month, which im due on the 21st. Then i can try cheapie strips and see how it goes. Do u both think temp is good aswell? Good luck on ttc!
  • I started to temp at the beginning of this cycle but gave up after a week. If your sleep is broken then it can affect your temps and my lo is going through a stage of getting up several times a night!
    A lot of ladies on here temp and chart using the 'fertility friend' website x
  • Update

    AF just arrived! Must have missed ov again. Will try again every other day from CD10 for 7 days. Hopefully get preg nxt month so want to have a halloween baby! Wish me luck!

    How abt u? Hope u get pos this month. Let me know. x

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