ovulation? implantation? or period pains?

Although we are trying for #2, I had no idea I was pregnant last time so I don't remember any early pregnancy symptoms at all, but according to ov calculator I ov'd 3 days ago.

I had ewcm for a few days and tonight I have period like pains. It could be ov pains, implantation or just plain old period pains. I'm not due to test till 19th. image ahhhh forgot how much the 2ww sucks


  • sugar puff we are due to test on the same day and im getting the exact same feelings! im wondering if its because we are hoping so much for something to be happening out bodies are playing tricks on us! i have been getting some weird sharp pains...
  • Hopefully its a good sign! Time is going to creep by now
  • it has done all month!!! lol! i didnt say either this is our number 2 image how old is your lo??
  • Ds is 14 weeks old, we want a small age gap between our first 2 children. How old is your lo?
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