Cycle gone mad.....

Hi Ladies, AF started on 17th July so I take it that was CD1, my cycles are anything between 25 - 35 days so I usually go with 28 days to work out AF and my next AF is due somewhere around there. CD21 (not sure how many days after OV it was) I started spotting, got my hopes up thinking it could be implantation, but the spotting continued for 3 days and has now completely stopped, when I say spotting I mean brown CM, not even worthy of pantyliner, so today is CD28 I would expect proper AF sometime soon, thing is its all gone quiet! so, do I still wait for AF or would those few days of spotting be classed as my AF???? I want to know so I can gauage my next fertile dates!!! PS. I did a cheapy HPT strip on CD23 and it was BPN.


  • if it was not bright red i wouldnt count it as AF as you have had a 35 day cycle i would be tempted to wait until then then if no show test, if you feel it may have been AF you could call it CD1 but bear in mind you might be late in your last cycle x
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