Ovulated yesterday but DH couldnt ejaculate :-(

Morning all you may remember me as the lady with the DH who had Erectile Disfunction. Well after a holiday abroad we came back full of beans and the ED appeared to have "fixed" itself.
Anyway on Sat 20th we BD and again on Tue 30th. I got my LH surge on Tue am PM and Wed am. When I checked last night it was a negative so I have ovulated. We tried to BD last night and within 20/30 mins DH said he wasnt going to be able to ejaculate. I was so upset - devastated in fact.

I really have tried so hard this month. Cut down coffee from 11 cups to 1 per day, drinking herbal teas, watching what I eat, exercising. Even to the point of giving up alcohol during my fertile time completely.
I am not a big drinker but I wont touch a drop now until (if) AF arrives, so all bank hol weekend just soft drink for me, on the off chance I could conceive I dont want to take any chances. AF not due for next 2 weeks. I feel like I am trying so hard my end, and my husband isnt. He said its because he is stressed with work and a big deadline that they have today and after today he will be fine, he wants to BD tonight. But wont it be too late?

I know their is a small chance as we did BD before I ovulated which is supposed to be the best time rather than after - but why do I feel so miserable? Is it all over?
I think my mistake may have been telling him I was ovulating/when I got my LH surge, but we have always had a relationship where we share everything - next month I said I wont be telling him but he reckons he will know now and the "pressure" was getting too much
Do you ladies have this problem and if so what do you do?


  • Like i said yesterday hun I do things that I know will turn dh on but be so subtle he doesn't know i'm doing anything. He has problems getting an erection if he knows I'm ov'ing because he feels it's too much pressure.

    When we were trying for ds there were a few months along the way when we didn't bd on the right days but I just acted normal and he had no idea when I ovd and in fact it was the month when I wasn't checking or looking for signs that we fell pregnant....ds was a honeymoon baby.

    DH and I didn't bd on my ov day (we were the day before as well) but there is still a very good chance that we will both get our bfp!!

    Just try not to centre sex around making a baby, my dh felt like a piece of meat at one point and that's what made me change how I did things. If he wants to BD tonight and you are in the mood then why not? Maybe just make love to dh tonight and be completely with him.

    Don't mean to sound patronising so apologies if I do it's just I was exactly like you with ds and it ended up causing arguments because I wasn't interested in "being" with dh unless it was to concieve a baby. I forgot for a while that I loved to just be with him and have it just be about us.

    Good Luck hun!! xxxx
  • Hay chick try not to worry. You say you got your surge On Tues and BD on Tues!!! Sounds like spot on timing to me, remember it only takes once! We BD 1 or 2days b4 O this month and I got a BFP. Sperm, can live inside you for a few days in the right conditions. FX this is your month!! x x x x
  • aw hun thats a shame that its getting you down. has your hubbie been to see the docs about this. it def sounds like the pressure of performing at the 'right' time has got to him. and hes already working himslef up about next month which wont do either of you any favours. relaxing is easier said than done. does he talk about what exactly he feels pressured about though. i know he has to do his bit in the baby making process but what is it about it that is tressing him? as he can ejaculate at other times it would seem to all be in his head.
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