can some one give me some advice pls?

hi im new to this ttc thingy and need some help. so i am on CD 8 out of 28 and was wondering if its right that when you get cm thats when you ov? if so is it possible that im ov so early? this is only our 2nd month of trying so dont want to start buying opk yet if i can try and work it out myself. so can someone give me some advice as to what to watch put for when ov and if it is possible to ov so early or not? thanks girls and baby dust to all!


  • Hi thereimage

    Ok i have been told when you finish af you should be dry down there and then you will get more cm as you come up to ov though it should be clear wet and stringy? How long are your cyc's?

    K xx
  • it depends on wat type of cm it is honey, EWCM is usaually the sign of ov, which is like egg white really stingy, clear cloudy etc. however sometimes ppl get water cm around their fertile time!

    Its is possible to ov early and shouldn't matter the important part is having the correct length lutecal phase.
    If u didn't want to use opk yet u could try cervix checking at ov it will be soft high open and wet.

    Good luck. xxx
  • ok im probably going to sound really thick but what is your lutecal phase?
    i think i should have got more info before ttc,lol! i already have 1 child but fell pregnant on the pill with her so im starting new. any info about any part,what to look for,what should be happening ect where to find parts that people are talking about(lol) would be a great help! sorry if i sound dumb,im not just have no clue about whats meant to happen or anything!! the only thing i know is that the best time to have sex is just before and around the time of ov,is that right?
  • Thats okay honey i'm in the same boat 1st baby was a happy surprise so in month 9 off ttc 2nd its a bit of a shock to be here!

    the luteal phase is the time after the ov to af its the time in which the egg is fertilsed to implantation, i think the average is 14 days which is why we count dpo (days passed ov, 2ww etc) it needs to be at least 10 really, then u can POAS and hopefully get a bfp!!!

    Having sex the day before ov, ov and after is the what most people say but there's no strict rule- though it would be much better if there was!!

    good luck!!
  • ah i see, thank you very much for all your help think i understand alot better now x
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