Just wanted to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow babe image

Hope you have a lovely day and that your OH spoils you rotten.

Here's hoping for your BFP this month as a late Bday prezzeie xx


  • Haha awwwwwwwwww that is so sweet Broody Beth. I am hoping it will be a good day.....sssssssshhhhhhh but i saw a receipt for a LOT of money at a jewellery store so hopefully a small box will be coming my way image

    I really hope i get my BFP but if not i will hope for a late Xmas present lol.

    Thanks so much image

  • happy birthday for tomorrow hun.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Happy birthday, hope you have a great day x
  • Happy birthday Tink
  • So Tink - did you get a little box with a sparkler in it? Have you had a good day?

    Gosh I'm excited :lol: and its not even my birthday :'( might have to buy myself a present tomorrow image x
  • Lol BB, buy yourself something pretty!!! I did get a box with a little sparkler in it. Dont want to get married until we have a LO to share it with (for the pics etc) so we may be engaged for a while but that has always been my dream to have my baby in my wedding pics image

  • Hey Tink, just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday - and a huge CONGRATULATIONS...you announced it very quietly but that's so exciting that you're engaged : ) Hope it's been a great day!.x.
  • Hi Tink, Happy Birthday!! Lots of November birthdays on here, mine is on Tuesday (24th)!!
    Do I dare ask how old you are today??? I'll be 32 next week image
    Oh and congratulations on the engagement xx
  • ahhh happy birthday and a BIG congrats on being engaged!!

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