I am so sorry I have to ask again though

Yes more CM questions from me.

I am on CD16 today and we bd'd monday wed thursday friday and saturday we were going to leave it at that as hubby is sore from bding so much but we bd'd last night and we used pre seed. Now when I woke up this morning nothing had leaked out of me no pre seed or his little boys sorry TMI!!! Anyway I checked myself this morning and there was pre seed that came out so I did that and thought ok we wont bd anymore now,

I felt wet just now and went to check and now it looks clear and stringy?? what the hell is going on???? my cervix was lowish this morning though now its high. Do you think I could still be OVing or about to?? I thought I had pains last week thursday and friday which is when I should be due to OV as I had a 28 day cyc last month thought I did also have an upset tummy these day so not sure what it was??

Do you think we should bd'd again tonight? Or just leave it for a few days I don;t know what to do for the best? Could it just be more of the pre seed I never got out this morning?

K xx


  • You only ov once.

    You have to remember you might not have a 28 day cycle this month, as you are so new to coming off the pill.

    I don't know what pre-seed looks like, so can't help with that bit! xx
  • I know it's once once hun but I thought you can get EWCM for a few days 3 the most I read?

    K xx
  • Didn't you have some earlier in the week though? xx
  • After Ovulation (low chance of pregnancy):
    After ovulation, there is a marked change in mucus appearance. It returns to the sticky stage (does not stretch during finger test) and there is again a feeling of dryness around the vulva.

    One caution for this test is that sperm can be confused with the mucus secretions and you could make wrong assumptions. Also, vaginal infections, medication, and birth control can alter conditions and should be taken into consideration when examining any vaginal secretions.

    EWCM can be for a couple of days. But surely it is a couple of days together. If you had it earlier in the week, and have had thicker, less stretchy cm since. I think you may well have ov'd.

    It's up to you and dh if you want to keep bd'ing just in case. xx
  • yeah thursday and friday thats why i am confuzed i have some today maybe it is just the pre seed.

    k xx
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