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Ive only just started on the ttc forum but i have a question already. AF would be due on Christmas Day, im very regular, and i can already spot when ive OV (I know when im sore etc.. but i havent done any tests to check). The thing is i really dont want to think "oh this is it" on Christmas day and be a bit down because its not.

If i only tested one day before i was due (and im due every 5 weeks like clockwork) do you think that would be ok for this one occasion?

Then i have Christmas Eve to know and get over it or be happy. Or do you think maybe we shouldnt even try as im so wrapped up in the whole ttc thing already i just about burst out crying every time i see a baby. So if we dont even try at least i wont spend all of Christmas day second guessing myself?

Im sorry, i do sound like a loon, but im already thinking of these things!!!

Thank you


  • Tricky one......my thinking would be that if you are late with af (sod's law says this would be the first time you are late) then you will think you are pregnant, only to have a nasty surprise on Boxing Day or the day after.

    You could do a First Response or Clear Blue on Chrimbo Eve as it would probably show up a positive result by then. Then you would know either way, and at least it would put you out of your misery if it was negative.

    Not sure if that helps. It's just that would be what I would do, cos I think I would rather have a negative on Chrimbo Eve so I could have a quiet sob, rather than go all day Christmas Day thinking "am I?" and getting excited, only to have my hopes dashed.

    Not that that will happen to you ofcourse, you will get a BFP!
  • I suggest testing Christmas Eve. I got a bfp 9dpo so about 5 days early. I got my AF last year on Christmas and did not test prior. It broke my heart all day. But everyone is different. And if you get a bfn and still don't get af on Christmas Day maybe you just have a shy bean. Def use FR though. Not CBD.
  • Thanks so much, i would be the kind of person to cry about it and i just didnt want to go through that on Christmas when its all a bit manic anyway.

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