OV question

Can i still OV if i am still on my AF?

K xx


  • Er, i'm not sure to be honest honey, I wouldn't have thought so, I just tried googling it but nothing really came up except other people asking the same question x
  • I know I did the same LOL

    The thing is I m on CD6 and have stopped bleeding again but who knows how long so if we do BD this saturday which is when i wanted to start from then bleed afterwards it means i am still not finished and i have no idea if i can still OV while i am on?

    Never really thought about it before?

    K xx
  • i am not quite sure about this one either - i know other women on other sites have asked this question as well. I have af at mo and am doing ov sticks to check- i reckon it may be possible to ov whilst having af- i am pretty sure i ov'd whilst have mc .
  • Really?? oh god knowing my luck this will happen. I read it is poss but it's hard to fall preg at this time as the blood wash's away the little guys?

    K xx
  • Oh god it's all so much more complicated then I ever thought it would be!!!!!!!!!!! x
  • K - I didn't think you could ov when you were still on. What makes you think you are oving?
  • Hi K-Lou, pretty sure if is possible to ov early from say CD7 however i think it's pretty uncommon and most people ov from about CD10-20 i should think.

    Will see if i can find any info on here!!!

  • Dr. Amos: Normal ovulation can happen from CD 7 to CD 21. Ovulation after CD 21 on a regular basis can be a cause for problems getting pregnant.


    However, this isn't a great thing to obv so early as it doesn't always allow the lining of the uterus to build up to nest a beany......

    Between Day 7 and 11, the lining of the uterus (womb) starts to thicken, waiting for a fertilized egg to implant there.

  • Oh I don;t think I am OV hun I am only on CD6 but I have still been bleeding mainly after sex even though I think I have stopped and it is defo AF.

    I am due to OV next week and was worried if I was still bleeding would I miss my OV?

    K xx
  • Hi K-lou. I doubt you will miss your ov, even if you happen to bleed for a few more days. I think the body does it all in sync, you have to get rid of the old lining fully first, before the body starts preparing again. xx
  • No hun you can't ovulate while you are on af as the egg is released after your af then you ovulate then if it is not fertalised it comes away with your af.
  • Oh right ok I did not think so but wanted to make sure so if i am still bleeding next week then i guess i will OV later than i thought.

    I don;t understand though i stopped bleeding and then after bd I bleed again this happened three times i mean if I was not finished but it looked like i stopped what would of happened if i had not bd'd? Would it of just stayed up there , sorry gross i know.

    K xx
  • http://www.babyhopes.com/articles/pregnantduringperiod.html

    Hi guys, read this link!! Sometimes what you think maybe AF may not be and you can still ovulate and fall pregnant!
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