Kind of newbie!

Hi all I've been 'lurking' for the past week. My OH and I are going to start TTC for our first in a couple of months (I have a trip to Vegas planned for a wedding so want to wait until after that). Just wanted to say Hi and also does anybody have a translation sheet for all the abbreviations????

I'm 34 and a bit worried that my age is going to go against me anybody else in the same boat??



  • Thanks for that! Vegas will hopefully be my last blowout!! gonna make the most of it! xx
  • Hi and welcome image I wish you both the best of lukc image

    k xxxxxx
  • Hello and welcome! Wishing you lots of luck and babydust for when you start to officially TTC! Enjoy Vegas! Love Tibby x
  • Hi, I concieved my lo when I was 35. Vegas is excellent, hope you really enjoy it!!Good luck with the ttc when you return.
  • lol SB I've been 4 times before and learnt a very hard lesson the first time! I now limit myself to a certain amount a day for gambling and when it's gone it's gone!!!! not to say I won't try and win a bit though! x
  • Hi everyone, I'm new too and I just love this forum, I am on it every day and learn something new from you all every day!! you are all stars!!
    Im in the same boat as as im off on holiday first before we start TTC our 1st in a couple of months. Last blow out I think too!!!! Trouble is im more excited about getting back now and trying than I am the holiday lol.
    Ill keep on this site because im pretty low knowledge of baby related stuff!!!:\?
  • Welcome to both newbies. Hope you both have great holidays and don't spend too long ttc!!

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