No smiley face and CD17?????????????

Just after some advice please ladies. I suffered a MMC in Feb and and just going through my first cycle since due to a few problems. Before my MMC I was on a 30/32day cycle and thought I OV around CD15.

Today I am CD17 and have been using CB OV tests since CD7 and still no smiley face..... is this a problem? I would have expected a smiley face around CD15. Keeping my fingers crossed I see the happy face tomorrow as hubby is back off a trip so timing would be perfect, but I am a little anxious that I wont get a smiley face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Any avice?:\?


  • advice but didn't want to read and run. Try not to worry yet. I ovulated really late last month, much later than usual. Hopefully it will sort itself out soon. Fingers crossed for you. x
  • Sorry to hear about your mmc, you could just be ovulating later this month, hopefully tomorrow when your hubby is home!

    I have ovulated anywhere between CD14 and 18!

    Good luck x
  • hi i have has my smileys from cd 15 to cd 25!!!it changes every month for me but know its on its way when i start ewcm. Dont worry and keep testing x
  • hey,
    sorry to hear about your mmc. i was told when ttc my LO, and it took us 3 years, that on average most women have 2 months of every year where they dont ovulate, its so frustrating! or maybe your just going to ovulate late this month, it has also happened to me up to day 25 also!

  • Well CD18 and still no smiley face. I have four tests left going to use them to see if I ever get a smiley and if not then stop. We are just going to BD anyway so if I haven't OV we won't miss it. I really think I have already OV CD14 15 16 I had loads of CM and now hardly anything also cervix was wet and very soft and open I think I maybe missed the surge !!!!!!! Anyway we willl just carry on BD and see what happens. I am not going to test next month just going to let nature take it's course. Wish I had never started testing this month as I am worried I have not OV 8\):\?
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