Wow, what a week!

Hi ladies, haven't posted for a while as things have been so hectic!! Just found out a friend is pregnant, another friend gave birth after being induced and a third friend gave birth 3 weeks early!! Both on the same day!!!

So pleased for them but yes a little jealous at the same time. Had a drama yesterday when lo almost knocked himself out falling against the coffee table, I've never seen such a big bump come up so quickly! How he screamed, but more at the ice I put on it than the fall itself. Poor lad, he seems ok now, just have to hope the cut doesn't scar as its quite nasty.

Nothing else new with me though! Was glad that we got to BD at the right time this month, but I already know I'm going to get a BFP, gut instinct. But thats fine, is technically only month 1 for us (starting to count again after so long away!) Been using opks but they claim I haven't ov'd - they're very cheap - so am going by ewcm instead, much more reliable for me it seems :\)

Seeing another friend who is preg tomorrow, she's due beginning of June so I know seeing her will probably make me even more broody (as if 2 new borns wasn't enough!) but am going to try and stay relaxed about it and what will be will can all remind me of this next month when I'm moaning I've not got my BFP yet!!! :lol:

Congrats to all those who have got their BFPs, I've been keeping a sneaky eye on you all!! xx


  • awww bless LO hope hes ok! good plan starting at month one again lol. im just going by EWCM aswell, seems to be working ok so far :S

    so many preg people around you! i hope it rubs off on you! maybe if you hug them, u will cath whatever they have? lol give it a go! hahahaha. glad ur back, wondered where you had gone! most of the other people i speak have buggered off to DID! they do keep popping over tho lol xxx
  • I know what you mean; everybody seems to have vanished!

    I'm getting loads of cuddles with the new borns and the new mums, so hopefully something will rub off, haha. And if not they're so cute anyway!!!

    Have your cycles sorted themselves out yet? I know you were having really short ones, are they more regular yet? Hope so, and then we can get our BFPs together and head over to...erm...whatever month that will be! I've given up trying to remember! :lol:
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