period like pains advice needed please

hi i posted on here yesterday i was due for my af yesterday and still nothing i was having period like pains on friday night, saturday and today still no sign of af i wiped this morning and was very faint light pink so put on pad just incase but nothing lost all day i have wiped a few times the last couple of hours and very light brown hardly noticeable.
i was ovualting from 16th june but most fertile 20th june.
so at the momment im nearly 2 days late
has anyone had this before and do you think its worth me taking a test or is this sign that im about to come on.
ive been weeing loads more for the last 2weeks and feeling more tired
advice would be great please


  • Hi,

    Some women get a faint bleed when they are PG so it could this if it doesn't start properly.
    I think you should test for peace of mind but the question is when. If you test now you may still get a BFN as it is early days or you may get BFP as your AF is late.

    I reckon test now and then if BFN leave it a few days - a week if AF still doesn't show. But I will keep everything crossed for a BFP! x
  • Hi Donna, I am like you, ovd on 20th and been getting period like pains whole week. I was sure AF was coming, so far nothing, I am only 1 day late.
    I took hpt and had a bfn, so not really sure what next..wait I guess...

    I understand that some ladies get cramping and light spotting in a very early stages of pg.

    Since you are 2 days late I think you should test.

    I wish I had as good willpower as you as I just could not resist and now I am really scared to do it again in case I get a BFN again..

    Good luck

  • thnakyou robin
    when i had my little girl it only took us 6weeks i was due on a friday so the following tuesday took a test bfn then on the friday when i was a week late took another and it was bfp.
    but cant think if i had this on my last pregnancy
    ill keep you updated tho
    thanks again
  • hi naturelle
    good luck im dying to test but with this period like pains not sure.
    they not constant so who knows
  • Hi, Sorry to g/c. I had period pains constant for 2 days before my BFP and for 2 weeks after, they are a very common pregnancy symptom so maybe do a test to make sure.

    B 15+5weeks
    x x
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