happy new year

to all the ladies i know...and dont lol

hope 2010 brings you everything you hope and prey for

hopefully our BFP'S of course since ive now been ttc in 2008/2009 and now 2010 :roll: but a happy prosperous year to add to it

sorry ive not been around much,been busy over xmas and ive got a ruptured eardrum since xmas day ouch but i think were ready to start ttc again in the new year

all the best everyone xxxxx

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  • g/c but just want to say Happy New Year to you too honey (how many times have we said that today :P )

    2010 will be your year, i am so glad you and S are ready again to TTC. You deserve your bfp so much and i know so many ladies on here are keeping everything crossed for you.

    Take care of yourself and have a drink for me please image xxx

    Grudie, hope ur ear gets better soon, wishing you and yours, and everyone on this forum all the best for 2010!! May we all get our BFPs this yearimage Have a gid yin peeps!! xx
  • Happy New Year, well its actually over for me its 11am the 1/1/10...
  • Happy New Year Grudie!!!!!
    Looking forward to you coming back to ttc properly.

    miss88 where do you live?
  • aww hun, hope your feeling better. happy new year.xxxx
  • Happy New Year hun hope 2010 brings you your BFP and all us lovely ladies ours too x
  • Happy New Year Everyone! Here's to lots of 2010 BFP's and bubas image x
  • Happy New Year - here's to lots of 2010 bfps!! x
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