BBT Question

Hello ladies,

Just a quickie... I am on day 9 at the moment, so going to start OPKs tomorrow (first time, now on month 5). I am also charting my BBT, but my temperature fluctuates quite a lot day by day - how much should it vary by and how much should it go up by when you're ovulating? After ovulation does it go down or stay up?

Sorry for the questions!



  • hiya, my temp fluctuates quite a lot too but what you should look for is a sustained temp rise (mine goes up by 0.2 or 0.3 celsius) for at least three days and it should stay up. It won't usually then come down until around AF time. Hope that helps! x
  • Thanks for that - so I am looking for it to go up and stay up? It went up quite a lot on Saturday morning,as I had a lie in - do things like this affect it? Does anything else affect it?!

  • yep, lie-ins do and also alcohol and if you are ill you often have a bit of a temp rise from fever. It'll help to write down things like that in your chart so you can see what probably isn't an ov rise. Also, my temp rise doesn't go up till 2 or 3 days after my positive opk so don't worry if that happens to you - it's totally normal! x
  • Bless you - thanks so much!

    This TTC malarky is complicated isn't it?!

    Let's hope we all don't have to be doing it for much longer!

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