sorry double post!!!!!

she says that the parts on my feet that correspond to womb are all puffy and swollan and also the part for overies & tubes are tender and on the left there is a grisly bit which i could feel when she was rubbing it, she says that it could be that i have some sort of blockage in tube!!!

i also got a wee row for not drinkin enough water as apperently my organs are full of toxins and she could tell me that i was struggling with IBS again cause bowel felt blocked!! - Nice - which i am but hadn't told her that!!

found it all really quite interesting and she ways that we will work on problem areas and she is sure she can help!!!

so thats me booked in for weekly appointments for mth at least!!!

it was so relaxing i fell asleep at one point!! lol

would def recommend it to any and all!!!

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