brown spotting 13dpo?

Anyone have this?

I'm due AF tomorrow and just wishful thinking that someone could have slight brown discharge and still get BFP???

do i have any hope this month??? losing PMA>>>>>>


  • It could still be implantation bleeding hun, it's not over until the witch arrives in full force so don't lose hope yet. I have my fingers crossed for you hun xx
  • Hey pet I'm 13DPO today too! On Friday night and part of Saturday (11 and 12DPO) I had a bit of pink spotting and a tiny bit of brown discharge with a bit of cramp.. Still no sign of AF though. I'm trying not to get my hopes up but you never know, we may both just have a little bean nestling in!
    Fingers crossed pet, I'll let you know if AF or a BFP show up, though knowing my luck it'll be AF! x

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  • I had this last month and af wasn't due for another week but turned out it was af and she was early.

    It could be implantation bleed though as the timing is about right - plenty of pma for you xx
  • thanks girls!! still gonna hold out some hope, me and dh have doc appt tomorrow as we have been ttc for 15 months image we find out his SA results and my blood work- i was just really hoping that we had finally done it this month- w/o having to start another journey- i will keep you posted- Mrsrobertson, when are you testing?
  • Don't want to get your hopes up unnecessarily but I got a brown discharge at 12DPO, the day AF was due, was certain it was her showing up and couldn't believe it when I got my BFP the next morning as she didn't materialise. Fingers crossed you get the same result xx
  • Fingers crossed you've hit the jackpot this month ally24! I think I'm going to try not to get my hopes up and maybe test Wed/Thurs if there's still no sign of AF. xx
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