BAD pulling in groin....


I have got a new symptom the past few days (only one I have now) and wondered if anyone else had seen it?

Basically if I laugh, sneeze or cough i get the most painful sharp pulling pain really low in my groin? It is very odd and painful!!

My 1st thought was a pulled muscle somehow, but I don't think it is as it does not hurt all the time and I can't remember doing anything to pull it!!


  • I have it, kind of makes you double over a bit. Think I had it last month a bit too though. Could be a good sign x
  • That is sooo it!! Kind of takes your breath away for a minute!! I didn't have it last mth! I won't get my hopes up tho - as you said - you had it last mth so could just be another rogue symptom for me!!
  • My sister had it when she was pg lets hope its not a rogue one this month! x
  • u havent been doin 2 much bding have u immense?:lol:
  • Does that cause it then?
  • only joking,i was just lookin up early symptoms on net n acouple of people in a forum said that they felt that they had pulled a groin muscle(b4 they found out it was positive) gud luck immensex
  • Thanks mushie!! Sorry have been at work and can't get on here there!! I wish I had been doing to much bd - lol!! Oh well, lets wait and see if it is a good sign!
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