Need info on Crinone 8% gel

I've been taking crinone vaginal gel since 1dpo and 'am now on 6dpo.. The thing is i've read from many other sites people complaining of white globules of discharge afterwards but its my sixth day now and i dont have anything at all, except a bit watery maybe 2hrs after taking it .. Now im starting to wonder if its possible that the whole gel could be going in..???
By the way i insert it in the morning an hour before i wake up and keep my knees up for that long.

(.. never thought there will be a day i'll be concerned about not having a discharge.. Gee!!! The things we do for ttc ;\)

Pls HELP shed some light on this.. Thanking you in advance.


  • I guess this is one of those times where you end up having an answer for you own question :lol:
    Just came from the loo and a big blob with a bit of pinkish(tmi) fell of... i am so relieved, as i was thinkin where is the leftover gel going to..!
    I guess maybe no answer would have been better that seeing it happen.. Hahaha i never thought it could be this nice talking to yourself :lol: :lol:

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