I have never been so disappointed

Well the blood (TMI) is getting darker. It was a light pink this morning and was slowly disappearing. I just went to the toilet and it was a darker pink!

I am SO angry as i have NEVER in my life had an early period. I am not due on until the end of next week and that is IF my periods decide to regulate again. What the hell is going on? This would also mean that i have a short LP too wouldnt it if i come on tonight/tomorrow!!!

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  • Oh my huni!
    This ttc business is such a rollercoaster.
    Are you periods normally regular hun?
    They do say it's not over till it's red! xxxxxx
  • Thanks for replying Mrs TIL.

    My periods used to be every 31 days. Then for the past 6 months they have been very irregular. My last cycle was 56 days long and the one before that was 40-ish days long.

    Like i said though i have never come on early before, i started using the CBFM this month to see when i OV and i am on 10dpo at the moment so i am not due on for another week.

    I didnt think it would upset me but i am more angry at mother nature been an absolute bitch this month and making my period come early!!!
  • I don't want to give false hope because i have been disappointed so much in the past but they do say impantation bleeding normally happens 8-10dpo so the timing would fit in with you!
    Try not to lose hope you never know sweets you might get a fabulous suprise! I truly hope so! xxxxx
  • So do i but my PMA is slipping away fast. Thank you for been so nice. I hope you get your BFP soon too xxx
  • Thanks tink i hope so too lol! I'm still holding out hope for you!!! xxxxx
  • Hey Tink it's not over yet!!!
    Hang in there and we'll keep everything crossed for you and your BFP! x
  • aww hun, try and hold out it not over yet, keeping everything crossed for you.xxx
  • Keeping my fingers crossed for you hun xx
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