Coming back to join you ladies

Hi ladies, I was in the Due in Jan forum but following a mmc I'm obviously back to trying again. Not starting for a few more days just to make sure everything is totally back to normal again, and am actually quite nervous about starting again which is daft! We were told to wait until I'd had my first af before TTC but thats mainly for dating I think so we're just going to start anyway.

Thank you to everybody who is still here who has given me support through the mmc, especially Broody Kate whose late night facebook chats kept me sane!! Big hugs all round. :\) xxx


  • ah welcome back!! good luck honey hope you get your BFP soon xxxxx
  • so sorry for your loss xxxx
    welcome back and good luck for trying again xxxx
  • Sorry your coming back so soon but you are always more than welcome! :\)
  • Hey Hun.
    I was literally just looking through my old posts to find a reply from you to see where you where posting so I could see how you where.

    How's things been despite the horrible ness that you've been through?
    How's the hubs and little jd doing?
    Really med you in due in jan and think of you everyday as still can't believe how cruel the world is!
    Hope your ok Hun and taking care of yourself.
    Sending you lots of sticky babydust for you ttcing
  • awh so sorry to hear bout ur mmc image but welcome back and fingers crossed for ur bfp xxx
  • Awww thanks hun and welcome back *hugs* Glad your feeling better and it will be nice to see you on here again (although wish it was under dif circumstances) sending you lots and lots and lots of extra sticky babydust xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Thanks ladies, Mrs JC I was just heading over to DIJ to see how you're all doing. Havent been on for a while but its nice to keep an eye on you all. Really miss being over there as well.

    Things have been strange... thats the only way to describe it! Had to go in for the ERPC operation in the end as the mc wasn't happening naturally, have been in horrendous pain after it but seems to have pretty much stopped & sorted itself out now so back to trying again.

    Big dude and little dude are both doing ok, but JD is cutting his back molars so not very happy and I think I'm anaemic so feeling very tired! Never rains it pours, right?! But we're ok, planning on decorating the house to make us both feel better. And great news - hubby has said yes to calling JD Daniel image He even told his family and they were surprisingly pleased about it, so yey!! Have been trying to call him Daniel whenever I remember but it feels so strange at the minute!

    How;s your bump coming along? xxx
  • Ah yay you won the name war. Lol! Be nice to have a fresh newly painted house.
    Erpc sounds nasty Hun. Glad it's sorting itself out though and you can get back on the ttc train.
    Ah poor little Daniel testing is horrid. Ethan has just lost his top front tooth so has a big gap but is really grumpy where his other tooth is coming through.
    I'm good Hun. Still feeling sick a little but it's settling. I don't think eating a whole packet of angel delight helps though! Lol. Haven't really got a bump yet though where I lost so much weight!
    Being anaemic is horrid I suffer bad! Think taking the iron tabs are worse though!
    Glad your well ad can be. I will stalk you in here now to see how you are.
  • oh i am so sorry, fingers crossed for a tough sticky bean x
  • Yeah iron tablets are foul! Really dont want to take them so hubby keeps forcing me to eat steak & liver etc to build me back up! Not so keen on the liver to be honest but he means well image

    Just trying to convince myself that I'm back to normal again, not sure its working at the minute but hope I can get another bfp before it sinks in for real.

    A whole pack of angel delight?! No wonder you feel sick!!! lol. Wait, what flavour?!?! xxx
  • Butterscotch! Yum yum! It was delicious and I know don't feel sick so heading for the cherry bakewells! Lol
    Ah bless your hubs. Liver yuck! Get on the spinach guineas and dark choc they are full of iron too! Lol
    You'll get back to normal in no tint Hun. You've been through so much in the last few weeks it's not surprising you feel dreadful.
  • Hi Garfield

    I was so sorry to read that you had a MMC life can be so cruel sometimes and I really feel for you.

    I am glad that you feel up to TTC again and hope that you get a very sticky bean and am sure you will be pregnant again in no time.

    Take care hun and big hugs

  • wanted to say welcome back, and hope ttc goes ok for you image xx
  • Aaah Garfield, terrible to see you back (meant in the nicest possible way!) we were in DIJ together albeit very briefly for me (mc'd early) but I also had a mmc back in jan this year at 11w so if you need an ear then come find me. All I can say is it does get easier.
    Good luck pet.x
  • Hey Garfield :\)

    I remember reading about your mmc and am so sorry you went through that, it is nice to see you back. Hope your feeling alot better.
    I have heard we are 10 X more fertile after a mc, so fingers are crossed for you! Im sure you will get another BFP very soon.

    Nice to see you again. image

  • Hi bob & mpp, how're you both doing? How's the new job going mpp?
    I don't think its really sunk in for me fully yet bob, but thank you for the offer of an ear - I'm sure when it hits me I will need a chat! Had a good cry last night - saying we were going to start ttc again made it more real for me than the erpc and all the bleeding has done. Strange, huh? Just doesn't feel fully real yet and the oddest thing makes me upset over it.

    But trying to keep myself full of pma and trying not to think about the mmc at all, focusing on other things like the house and Daniel. SD how are you getting on? I know you had another scan recently but I missed the update on it - will go check it out now - as was away for a few days at the mils... wow that was fun! xxxx
  • Garfield I was just like you it took a while to sink it and the strangest things set me off and still does tbh. What gave me great comfort was the research I did as to why it happened. I have a science background and so was so eager to find the -truth' (if you like) about why, as the doc just said, -well sometime this happens we don't know why', and I thought to myself somewhere out there there has been a lot of research on this and I stumbled across several in-depth research papers that had been done on mmc. Basically what It said was that over 90% of cases there is a chromosomal abnormality that was incompatible with life and that in about 4-5% of cases there was a developmental/ physical abnormality that was incompatible with life and that the remaining few % they just didn't know - just knowing that my bean had something wrong that I couldn't correct or control and that would have caused it great suffering eased my pain a lot. I hope that helps you a little too.

    The good news is I got my bfp again 2 months later - unfortunately for me I lost that one too and am of course still trying but what that means for you is it CAN happen quickly! Use your OPk's, preseed, smep and bum in air and you'll have your bun in the oven in no time.

    Maybe we'll be in -due in' together again and stay there next time :\)

    We'll have our perfect little babes - and as I say to the ladies on here that have been ttc for a long time, perfection doesn't happen overnight we just have to be patient as our super special little babes will be sooooooo worth the wait, there can only be so many special ones. xxx
  • Ok bob you made me cry!! But beautiful words, thank you. I know when we get our sticky bean it will be so worth it; should have known it was too good to be true to fall on second month of trying! Docs told me that it was nothing I had done but you cant help but feel a little guilty and wonder 'if' about everything. I think its one of those things that gets easier but never really goes away.

    But we're determined to start ttc straight away (and sod the doctors!) and I know when we fall again it will be so much more special. At least I have Daniel to cuddle (when he's feeling better and stops beating me up!) to get me through it.

    Due In... here we come!! PMA!!! image xxxx
  • Hiya Garfield, Thanks for asking image Im just waiting on the the start date still, :lol: My 2 references are back and got my CRB but they just wanted another reference and thats taking forever by the sounds of it.
    Im getting abit worried too as have had a/l booked from months before for september, im wondering whether they will let me have it at all. I have been told you do get honoured all holiday requests, you just have to tell you them as soon as you sort of start.

    Hope your ok :\)

  • Yes they have to honour any holiday time you have booked; they n ormally ask that sort of thing when they interview you/offer the job but if they're being fussy about references etc then they're obviously waiting!

    Must be odd not having a start date yet! And of course it means you dont know when you can ttc properly either... how annoying!! can I ask where you're going in September? Would love a holiday (other than a couple of days at the mils!) but what with all the work we're doing to the house we cant afford it at the minute. Much rather concentrate on ttc!

    I'm really nervous about starting again, is that silly? Oh, and does anyone know where I can get some really cheap hpks from? Need to use some to tell when I'm no longer showing my bfp but dont want to spend loads on them. xxx
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