FAO BroodyKate

Hi Kate,

I saw on the other thread u tested again, so did i got a BFN! i feel a bit better now as i really dont think im PG just that withdrawal from the pill has well and truly messed my system up, just thought i would check how u r? Antonia xx :\)


  • Sorry to hear you didnt get your BFP..... but i am sure it will happen soon...xxx
  • ooo my first FAO!

    i tested too and got a BFN - think my body must be working itself out following the implant, its just wierd cos when I was on the implant I had short cycles, and now im on CD31 and nothing -I'm not testing again now just gonna wait for AF.

    I cant decide whether to try again next month or wait till the summer and try and time it for the summer hols due to being at uni, but then I think I want it that much that what if April would have been my month and I miss it - if that makes sense lol

    Hope your not too disappointed about the BFN xxx
  • Hi broody kate how long after ur implant came out did u get a period? x
  • Hiya Bella, I had periods all the time when I had my impant in, my last period was on the 3rd Feb, and I had my implant out on the 6th, and came off my period on the 8th Feb xxx
  • Hi kate, i went on a hen party last night, drowned my sorrows, still no af you? i was thinking of not trying in april because not sure i like the idea of baby having an xmas birthday, but i cant stop now i want to get BFP so badly! xxx hope ur ok hun x
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