Any advice for a new TTC'er? :-)

So next Wednesday I have an appointment to have my implant removed at the FPC, so as of then we will officially be TTC! WOOOHOO!!

We just got married at the end of May (5 wks ago) and would love if it happened within the next couple of months (wouldn't everyone) so hopefully we'll have a bubba by our first anniversary....

So I know i'm jumping the gun a little but thought i'd log on to have a wee nosy around and see whats happening. Any advice or tips that any of you may have to a complete newbie would be very gratefully recieved!

So exciting image


  • yay image hiya and welcome, i got married may too! ummmm not got too much advice tbh, try and read ur body, bd as much as poss and enjoy it, try not to stress too much image good luck xxxxx
  • Thanks mrs *me* for your welcome, and advice!

    Hubby is soooo looking forward to starting TTC, if only at the thought of bd'ing at the drop of a hat! image

    Thanks again and any other advice greatfully recieved!xx
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