Fertility after miscarriage

I miscarried at only a few weeks pregnant in May, which basically was just a really heavy period, I have had a period in June which was much longer than usual with a lot of spotting at the end, but dont seem to of had any ovulation fluid this month, does anyone have any exerience of this, just wondered if it takes a while to settle back to normal, Im 35 and worried now that things are getting difficult.


  • hey vicky
    i too have just miscarried. i was told that first period would probably be heavier and read somewhere that i may not ovulate first cycle. don't know how much truth is in that though. if you don't mind me asking, how long did it take you to fall pregnant last time? xx
  • I got pregnant first time of trying, we have always been a really fertile couple, our first child is 2 this month, we got pregnant on our honeymoon. Considering I had major problems when I was younger and told conception would be difficult, we have been incredably lucky.
    Its the bleeding that has worried me, I had a normal period last month and it finished then seems to come back for a few days. I know that following my miscarriage bleed I ovulated a really lot there was loads of ov fluid, but didnt want to get pregnant so soon after, was advised to wait. What about you how long did it take you?
  • hi
    it was the first time we tried!! first cycle and i just went on ov calculator on here, did the business during those dates and hey presto!! personally, i don't think there should be an issue with fertility (obv i'm no expert!!). when i went to the doctor's on weds, i asked the same thing. she said as i'd fallen so quickly after coming off the pill that i shouldn't have any problems. she just said to leave it for a while as my body had been through a tough time - being pregnant for almost 3 months then miscarrying. she said to rest for a few months, let things go back to normal and to make sure that i had given myself enough time to grieve. she said to try again when i was emotionally and physically stronger. i am still bleeding as only started mc on friday. it's all going quite slowly but i chose to go for med. management and i don't think it has worked too well really. it was my choice so i'll just have to bear with it.
    so, you are further along but i think it just takes your body time to go back into a "routine". hope i haven't blabbered on too long!
  • Hiya

    You can blabber all you like, I can totally sympathise with what you are going through, it is very early days for you, I can promise the upset and grief does not last for ever. I do agree with having a month or two to 'get back to normal'.

    I just try to focus on looking forward to trying again, which will be end of July. Good thing is you know now you are really fertile and it takes away all that stress of wondering if you will ever get pregnant.
    Just make sure you talk to friend/family about it, and of course there is always us!
  • thanks vicky
    it'll take time but we'll both get there in the end! we just have to be patient.
    good luck and enjoy trying at the end of the month!
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