Still no AF!!!!!!

Heya guys AF still hasnt arrived yet!!! She was due friday and hasnt arrived yet, my boobs are a little sore and i have crampy pains (yet ive had cramps all this month, even when i ovulated!!) so im trying to have lots and lots of PMA! im scared to test tho, gonna wait until tuesday i think. just dont wanna be gutted if i see a BFN yet xx


  • Its so scary isnt it! mine was bfn but still have no af! wait as long as u can! and good luck xxx
  • Where do you get your will power from? I have to stop myself testing 4 days before!!

    Fingers crossed for you. x x
  • ooh i wish you luck xxx
  • Still no af for me either kim, although got a bfn yesterday. Am also going to wait til Tuesday if she doesn't show so it looks like that's our d-day!
  • hehe aww god i hope we can hang on that long. i'll be so so gutted if she shows image x
  • Me too - have had on and off cramps, and very light discharge but definitely no af, and I think it was due today rather than yesterday which could be why I got a bfn (and I didn't poas for a full 5 secs and not sure if I hit the stick :lol: ). I think cramps may be anxiety though! I'm prepared for the worst but even though I already got a bfn I know I'll be gutted if af arrives.

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