Been away for what seems like ages !

Hi guys, Long time no speak !

How are you all, still plodding along on the TTC trail ??

I've been trying to be really relaxed about ttc this month. Have been using ov sticks but havent had a positive on them so not too hopeful. Got a couple of faint lines around the days I thought i would ov but then i read the package and it says if not darker than test line it is a negative.

Not sure of my cycle so have no clue exactly when af due, i think its around the 9th and i'm on day 26 ( i think, ive actually forgotten what date my af arrived !)

Have bd'd a bit more this month which is good, around every other day. Gonna be harder for the next week or so as hubby on a late shift so wont get in until the middle of the night and i'm off to work before he even wakes up !

What is the earliest you can do a pg test ? :\? Ha ha you can tell i've been away I cant even remember the basics of ttc now ! DOH !! :lol:


  • Did you use the one step ov tests ?
  • i got them fom access diagnostics, i forget what they're callbed but they come in white and pink foil package.
  • Ok, just checked, they are one step ov tests.
  • Ok i used these dont know if the following will help. I know roughlly when i ov. These tests are quiet cheap especially if you buy them 50 at a time like me. As soon as i got a faint postive i would test 3 times a day. I always used to get a strong line. The trouble is if you only test once a day you can miss it. Hope this helps.
  • Thanx Emzyv, i've never thought to test more than once.

    Is a bit odd as i've had it happen the last few days in fact almost the last week !

    Strange !!!
  • I feel ov and tried them as they came virtually free with some preseed. I got only a faint line 3 days, even on the day when I had ov pain. I assumed it was because I drink a lot of water!
    Nice to have you back Mrs Weir, hope your relaxed attitude gets you your bfp!!xx
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