Too broody??

Hi Ladies

I dont want to bring the mood down in this very possitive fourm tonight so will keep it simple.

Im in my 2ww - i dont know when AF is due as cycles are all over the place, i am using CBFM, in the first month with it and im guessing its going to start flashing at me M M M so i will know that AF is due or i need to test.... anyway......

i wonder if im too broody, whats normal? i keep poping in on here and looking at baby clothes and toys, plus im reading a book about being pregant, is this normal??

sorry ladies, i hope im making sense- this is my first offical 2ww and its driving me crazy, really dont know how so many manage to do it over and over again month after month, my heart gose out to all who do.

baby dust and PMA to all xx xx xx x x


  • I don't think there is a "normal" when it comes to being broody, or if there is then I'm definitely above levels!! This is my first month TTC and I have bought a personalised baby grow and have looked up various prams and cots etc

    I call it being prepared image xx
  • Know how you feel hun, this whole ttc malarky takes over your every thought image

    Huni - where did you get the baby grow from? xx

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  • Hi MrsH!!

    I got it from ebay, here's the link

    They personalise it with anything you want xx
  • thanks huni, off to look now xx
  • thanks huni, off to look now xx
  • I think women who are ttc are just not normal and you get crazier every month...have already planned and chosen every item and now hoping that I get a bean soon so collections don't change LOL

    Good luck for you all ladies
  • Blimey if its not normal them I'm crazy!!

    I have been reading ' What to Expect when Expecting', looking on Isabella Oliver website, browsing all the maternity clothes in the shops and walking down the baby aisle in Sainsburys!

    Good luck for your first month TTC!
  • I try and tell myself to chill out cos if I keep thinking about it, I think it wont happen! i'm weird like that....I know it'll happen when it will happen but I am of the sort of character that likes to know WHEN! TTC is hard for me as I just like to know times/dates/details etc cos I like to be in control.
    So I work hard to relax and not get too caught up in it and trust me, I am broody as hell, i've been mentioning every month since I met hubby 5yrs ago LOL but we both knew we wanted to be married first! we are it's just a waiting game.

    There is no level and you shouldn't beat yourself up over it.....we're all here to get broody together so just let it out image

    PP84 x
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