ewcm lots of?

hi everyone again i was due af yesterday and just now got a bit lot of ewcm, what does this mean, i am ov or i just have and missed, and could it happen after day, we bd moday would we have missed if so


  • Hi. I can't really help because only you know your body but I get EWCM before AF arrives aswell.
  • me too, fingers crossed its not af tho x
  • could be a sign of PG, do you know if you defo OV'd this month yet?
  • not sure i think i ov but not sure as only just come of pill last month, they was a very big bit of ewcg and my af was due yesterday, i have been having cramps from easter weekend so going to doctors tomorrow, i did test this morning and got a bfn on fr, wish i knew what was happening
  • awww i reckon coz uve just come off the pill ur bodys adjusting, so uve had a bit of a longer cycle, so i reckon ur OVing now? get BDing just in case hun! and u should be due in about 14 days from now i reckon xxxxx
  • do you think i would ov around my due date, as this happened to anyone before?

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